Kota Factory 3 Review: Jeetu Bhaiya’s Lessons and Student Struggles

    "Kota Factory 3 explores the psychological struggles of IIT aspirants, highlighting mentorship and mental health with Jeetu Bhaiya leading the way.

    The third season of the show ‘Kota Factory aims to reveal the psychological issues experienced by students preparing for IIT. It emphasizes the significance of one being mentored and presents the harshest of truths that come with exams. Do not buy it without first reading our own review to see if it is for you.

    Truth be told the last episode did make me cry or perhaps it is because I had watched the show at three in the morning. I have never been to Kota nor had a dream of getting into IIT but there is something about this serial that can be related by everyone. Whether it’s about the perennial competition that is inherent among the young generation for proving themselves, their relationships with friends, or with their favorite teacher ‘Jeetu Bhaiya’ in this case.

    Especially at the end of the movie, when on one occasion Meena says to Jeetu bhaiya, they are showing ‘jeevan ka path’ meaning that they do give life lessons. The third season portrays this unique relationship of a mentor and a mentee doing wonderfully while also addressing a matter that does not receive as much attention as it should- mental health.

    To start with, one song ‘Jo Bhi Hoga Ladd Lunga’ is enough to grip the whole show right away. Fresh session students who come to Kota for IIT or even NEET require perseverance as well as a hard heart. Such exams are not simple, there are failures along the way, but one has to continue.

    While telling ‘Kota Factory 3,’ it seems like the series attempts to embody this preparation instead of the triumph. Literally Jeetu Bhaiya once said that ‘Jeet ki tayari nahi, tayari hi jeet hai. ’This season again it is more of shooting than dreaming and this thought has percolated into the minds of almost every student preparing for competitive exams.

    This season, Jitendra Kumar is also troubled with the conflict of whether to be the ‘bhaiya’ or the ‘sir’. The previous season had left on a tragic note when one of the students committed suicide, and Jeetu Bhaiya looks overwhelmed with sorrow. When he encounters a therapist, we also come to appreciate how necessary but uncomplicated it can be to seek assistance at times.

    Considering the number of suicides in Kota in the recent past, this could be an eye-opener for parents, teachers, and all those who influence a student’s life.

    Watch kota factory season 3 trailer here:

    High fives to the makers for underlining the fact that struggle is relative yet touches everyone in its own way. The average students spend late hours studying to compete with their friends while the intelligent ones have to keep passing.

    Some students also have to choose between education and providing for their families, which puts additional pressure on them. They also have issues of the heart as they experience the feeling of first love. While the climax appears rather contrived to create tension, I believe most of the viewers have expected it.

    Weak element number two for me was when one of the students was introduced as having a parent. Yes there are characters but the melodrama appeared to be a bit out of place in a show like this. The same can be said about Vaibhav’s monologue about the exam dates. Far too loud, far too forced, and yet, extremely ineffectual.

    On the performing aspect, after ‘Panchayat 3’, Jitendra Kumar why he is one of the most feasible actors on OTT. It might be due to his engineering background but Jeetu Bhaiya is his true persona, his own self you can say. The actor has grown so much, and it is a personal wish to see him leave these realistic films and do something surreal on the big screen.

    The latest entrant, Tilottama Shome, as Pooja Didi, is remarkable when she acts as Jeetu’s conscience during his lowest moments. Though, there wasn’t much of her in this season, we want her to get a better role in season 4 on her contract.

    As for the kids, they perform well in terms of acting and the story arcs given to them. Having read their journey for the last five years, they still appear to be your distant relatives living in Kota. You sympathize with them, you want to cover them and sometimes take their hands and help them free themselves.

    Unfortunately, the girls—Ahsaas Channa, Revathi Pillai, and Urvi Singh—get the weakest roles in an attempt to depict the highs and lows in the life of the lads (Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, and Alam Khan).

    Raghav Subbu was replaced as director by Pratish Mehta for this season. Given that the characters and plots were already well-known to the show’s audience, he undoubtedly had a simpler job. Mehta deserves special recognition for managing the treatment sessions tactfully without turning them into a secret.

    Even though “Kota Factory 3” is a black-and-white production, it gives students’ lives the perfect amount of color.



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    The third season of the show ‘Kota Factory aims to reveal the psychological issues experienced by students preparing for IIT. It emphasizes the significance of one being mentored and presents the harshest of truths that come with exams. Do not buy it without first...Kota Factory 3 Review: Jeetu Bhaiya's Lessons and Student Struggles