Trolled After BJP’s Ayodhya Defeat, Sonu Nigam Breaks Silence: This is the Same Filth…

    Sonu Nigam, trolled over a tweet he didn't make, breaks silence, frustrated by misuse of his name for political comments. He left X (Twitter) 7 years ago.

    New Delhi: Sonu Nigam, one of Bollywood’s veteran singers, is being targeted by trolls following a tweet. The irony is that he didn’t even make the tweet, as he left X (formerly Twitter) about 7 years ago. Recently, he came into the limelight due to a tweet, after which users began trolling him. He has now broken his silence on the matter, expressing his frustration that someone used his name on social media for a political comment, leading to the trolling.

    During BJP’s loss in Ayodhya, a tweet went viral, and Sonu Nigam was suddenly highlighted. After seeing this tweet, many X users targeted the singer and heavily criticized him. Sonu Nigam has now addressed the issue. Let’s see what he said.

    What was the tweet about?

    An X user named ‘Sonu Nigam Singh’ tweeted about BJP’s defeat in Ayodhya. The tweet read, “The government that made Ayodhya shine, gave a new airport, a railway station, built the Ram Temple after 500 years, created a complete temple economy, that party is struggling for the Ayodhya seat. Shameful, Ayodhya residents!” After seeing this tweet from a verified account, many users targeted singer Sonu Nigam.

    Speaking to Hindustan Times, Sonu Nigam said, “I am surprised that people, including news channels, who misunderstood it as my tweet, did not use basic common sense by reading the details of that X account. The person has written Sonu Nigam Singh on their handle and mentioned they are a criminal lawyer in their details.”

    He further said, “This is exactly the kind of filth that forced me to leave Twitter seven years ago. I don’t believe in making sensational political comments and I focus only on my work. But this incident is concerning not just for me but also for my family’s safety.”

    People are misled by using my surname

    He mentioned the criminal lawyer from Bihar, whose tweet caused people to criticize him. The singer said this is not the first time it has happened. His fans and some well-wishers often send him screenshots of tweets from Sonu Nigam Singh. Sonu Nigam added that his team reached out to the person, insisting they correct their handle name to avoid confusion. Because using his surname misleads millions of people. He said, “I am sure we will find a way to fix this.”



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