Priyanka Chopra’s Miss World 2024 Message: Celebrating Purposeful Beauty and Acknowledging Julia Morley and Nita Ambani

    Priyanka Chopra gave a poignant speech during the Miss World 2024 finals, praising Julia Morley and Nita Ambani for their outstanding efforts and noteworthy achievements.

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    The 71st Miss World pageant took place in Mumbai, India, yesterday, March 9. Actress Priyanka Chopra, who won the award in 2000, created a touching video tribute to mark the event. She addressed the idea of “beauty with a purpose” in her statement and lavished admiration on Julia Morley, the CEO and chairperson of the Miss World Organization. In addition, Priyanka praised Nita Ambani for her acceptance of the coveted Beauty With a Purpose Humanitarian Award at the grand finale, emphasizing the noteworthy contributions these extraordinary women have made to society.

    During Miss World 2024, Priyanka Chopra wrote Julia Morley a poignant message

    Priyanka Chopra began her moving video message by discussing the meaning of “purpose” in her life. She said, “I have always found great value in the word purpose because of the experiences I’ve experienced on a personal level. As I was growing up, I saw my parents, Dr. Madhu Chopra and my dad, not only take care of us and fulfill their responsibilities as doctors in the Indian Army, but also use their position, expertise, and abilities to assist those in need. I recall the many hours my brother and I spent accompanying them when they used their days off to provide proper medical care to individuals who couldn’t afford it.

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    “Now I’ve been very fortunate to continue my life’s journey surrounded by women who have redefined the absolute essence of womanhood,” Priyanka said, speaking on the powerful women who have shaped her path. Their potential to transform the world, their beauty, and their strength.”

    “In 2000, when I had the chance to not just compete but also be crowned Miss World, I was introduced to the idea of beauty with a purpose, an initiative by Mrs. Morley, who reminded us that the title of Miss World wasn’t just about looking good,” Priyanka said, expressing her sincere gratitude to Julia Morley. It was about channeling and challenging our inner obligation through the platform. It made me realize, even as an eighteen-year-old, that we can only truly impact the world if we begin by talking the talk and walking the walk.

    Nita Ambani is praised by Priyanka Chopra for earning the Miss World Beauty With a Purpose Humanitarian Award

    “I have had the honor and privilege of knowing the phenomenal Mrs. Nita Ambani for a few years now,” Priyanka Chopra said in her homage to Nita Ambani. I appreciate and admire her for everything that she does. I have seen firsthand her enthusiasm, dedication, and meticulous attention to detail in all she does, as well as what goes on behind the scenes.

    “In my opinion, Nita Ma’am personifies precisely what Mrs. Morley attempted to instill in our impressionable minds back then: beauty with a purpose,” she stressed. I have seen Nita Ma’am’s significant influence over the years through her varied pursuits. She is a well-known businesswoman, philanthropist, and educationist in addition to being a fervent supporter and guardian of Indian arts.

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    Priyanka acknowledged the various responsibilities played by Nita Ambani and said, “She has consistently brought India’s art and culture to the global stage with the utmost dedication.” With a lovely grin and a great deal of sympathy, Nita ma’am wears all of these hats and more. Her life story embodies the ideal of purposeful beauty. As we commemorate Nita ma’am this evening, let us appreciate not only her accomplishments but also the happiness, empowerment, and development she has provided to countless lives.

    “She’s been a real trailblazer and someone, who I know is not stopping anytime soon,” the speaker continued. I know I am eager to see what more she has in store for us. Congratulations, Nita ma’am. You deserve it very much.

    “To all the women, young girls out here today and those watching across the globe, I will leave you with one thought: In this crazy world that we live in today, there’s no better legacy than leaving behind a world touched by love and kindness,” Priyanka said before closing with a poignant message.

    The 71st Miss World was crowned by Czech Republic’s Krystyna Pyszková.

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