‘Ruslaan’ Aayush Sharma’s: Spy Thriller Review: Spy Thriller Review

    Ruslaan could have been a compelling spy thriller with a faster pace and shorter runtime. However, the intriguing mystery keeps viewers engaged, despite the relatively shallow second half.

    “Intriguing Start: Unraveling the Mystery of Kasim”

    “Ruslaan,”a Aayush Sharma’s spy thriller the audience remains captivated by the mystery surrounding terrorist Kasim, despite the slow buildup in the first 45 minutes.

    “Key Players in ‘Ruslaan’: Cast and Director”

    Featuring Aayush Sharma, Jagapathi Babu, Sushrii Mishraa, and Vidya Malavade in the star cast, “Ruslaan” is directed by Karan L Butani.

    Transitioning to the review details:

    What’s Good: The spy action thriller avoids dwelling on hatred.
    What’s Bad: The story’s pace.
    Loo Break: Take a break whenever you feel the narrative isn’t progressing much.
    Watch or Not?: Recommended if you want to see Aayush Sharma in action.
    Language: Hindi
    Available On: Theatrical release
    Runtime: 139 Minutes

    “Proving Innocence: Ruslaan’s Uphill Battle”

    In 2004, young Ruslaan witnesses his parents’ tragic death in a Mumbai school bomb blast. Accused of involvement, his father faces an encounter led by ATS Chief Sameer Singh (Jagapathi Babu), who later adopts Ruslaan. Fast forward to the present, (Aayush Sharma) works as a RAW spy under Mantra’s (Vidya Malvade) guidance. Determined to clear his name and challenge the stereotype of a terrorist’s son, Ruslaan faces mounting suspicion. Will he prove his innocence?

    Reviewing the Script of “Ruslaan”

    Shiva crafts the story, while Yunus Sajawal, Mohit Srivastava, and Kavin Dave pen the screenplay for Karan Lalit Butani’s directorial. Throughout the film, viewers witness Ruslaan’s unwavering dedication to his nation amidst slow-motion fight scenes. The plot unveils the imminent threat from Pakistan and China to India, prompting Ruslaan to undertake a vital intelligence-gathering mission. Despite his adoptive father’s reservations, Ruslaan covertly operates for RAW.

    Although the movie initially takes its time to build up in the first 45 minutes, it keeps viewers hooked on the mystery surrounding a terrorist named Kasim. Kasim, addressed as a “ghost” by everyone due to his unseen presence, poses a significant threat to India. However, the mystery loses its steam due to the slow storytelling until the lift sequence occurs. In this action-packed and entertaining scene, Ruslaan fights to save his friend, marking the arrival of the first twist in the movie.

    In the interval, the fast-paced action and suspense engage viewers, sparking curiosity about Ruslaan’s struggle to prove his innocence, particularly to his father/ATS Chief Sameer Singh. However, the story loses momentum in the second half as it shifts from Mumbai to Azerbaijan, failing to maintain intrigue. Ruslaan effortlessly overcomes the challenges thrown his way by the writers.

    In the climax, Kasim’s identity is revealed, leaving questions about its logic. Despite attempts to evoke emotion, the patriotism dialogues feel clichéd and the humor falls flat.

    “Star Performance in ‘Ruslaan’: Movie Review”

    “Aayush Sharma, as Ruslaan, delivers action-packed sequences, albeit lacking in uniqueness. Sushrii Shreya Mishraa’s portrayal supports the storyline, but the romance feels contrived. Jagapathi Babu and Vidya Malavade offer solid performances.”

    Ruslaan Movie Review: Direction, Music

    Despite the promising concept of portraying a terrorist’s son as innocent, the execution falls short. However, Karan Lalit Butani’s direction avoids Pakistan-bashing and preachy patriotism discussions, offering a refreshing take. Aayush Sharma’s strengths are effectively utilized in action scenes. While the background music can be distracting, the songs are passable and sparingly used in the first half, avoiding clichéd romantic tracks.

    “The Final Verdict on ‘Ruslaan’: Movie Review”

    Overall, Ruslaan could have been a compelling spy thriller with a faster pace and shorter runtime. However, the intriguing mystery keeps viewers engaged, despite the relatively shallow second half.

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