Are PCOD and PCOS interchangeable terms? Or do they denote distinct conditions

    If you menstruate or have discussed menstruation with others, you likely know about PCOD or PCOS. Misinformation is widespread, and despite being distinct, these terms are often confused. Before delving into their differences, let’s discuss their causes and treatments.

    In PCOD, a woman’s hormones become imbalanced, resulting in issues such as irregular menstruation, infertility, weight gain, acne, and more. If not addressed, this condition can escalate to severe health complications such as heart disease and diabetes in women.

    What does PCOD entail?

    uterus, PCOD, PCOS

    PCOD, short for Polycystic Ovarian Disease, results from hormonal imbalance. Ovulation, the release of an egg from the ovary, is a crucial phase in the menstrual cycle. Ovaries also produce a limited amount of androgens, the male reproductive hormone. However, in PCOD, this balance is disrupted, causing an overproduction of male hormones. Consequently, menstrual cycles may be delayed, and ovarian cysts can form. PCOD may even lead to complete ovulation failure, potentially resulting in infertility for affected women.

    What sets apart PCOD from PCOS?

    PCOD and PCOS

    People frequently interchange the terms PCOD and PCOS, despite their distinct differences, although they share similar symptoms.

    • PCOD, a hormonal disorder, can be effectively managed through dietary and lifestyle adjustments. It is possible to cure PCOD without the need for medication or formal treatment.
    • In contrast, PCOS is characterized as an endocrine issue where women produce excessive levels of male hormones known as androgens. This disrupts the typical development and release of eggs in the ovaries.
    • PCOS involves the formation of cysts, fluid-filled sacs, from some eggs in the ovaries. These cysts accumulate and interfere with menstrual cycles, potentially enlarging and obstructing the ovaries entirely. Without timely treatment, PCOS can give rise to chronic health issues.
    PCOD detection in Uterus

    If you receive a PCOD diagnosis, remain hopeful as it is treatable. Prioritize maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet with adequate protein, staying physically active, and minimizing stress. Stress, a major contributor to hormonal imbalance in women, should be avoided. Provide your body with the care and nutrition it needs without undue stress.


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