Shoaib Akhtar’s Viral Gita Shlok Post

    Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar's Instagram post of a Bhagavad Gita shlok went viral, sparking global conversations and reactions, particularly in India.

    The Geeta Shlok is posted by Shoaib Akhtar: You can only image the response one would receive if a Pakistani shared a picture of the largest Hindu text, the Bhagavad Gita, on social media alongside a shlok from the text. Whatever happens, will happen. However, this post was created by one of Pakistan cricket’s best stars, Shoaib Akhtar, whose Geeta’s Shlok post went viral. This image, which Shoaib shared on Instagram, went viral and sparked conversations all around the world. Shoaib became a hot topic of conversation, particularly in India, and his article received a ton of comments.

    Akhtar added, “There is no bigger enemy than an uncontrolled mind” and put an image of Lord Krishna on the Gita. In short order, Shoaib’s post became a talking point. By the time Shoaib removed his message, it was already widely shared. Fans shared screenshots of this statement to go viral, with Indians in particular.

    Unexpected Reaction

    It was rather unexpected that Akhtar shared a shloka from the Gita, as Akhtar is not typically known for sharing such pious content. And in the past, he hasn’t often posted anything like this. It’s unclear what motivated him to write this post. In any case, Akhtar later took down this Instagram post. It is also easy to understand why the post was removed.

    The 48-year-old Akhtar had already congratulated Team India on winning the Twenty20 World Cup. In an exciting match on Saturday, India defeated South Africa by 7 runs to win the World Cup. Akhtar had penned, “Rohit has accomplished the task. Emotions are so high right now, and India deserved to win.”

    Shoaib Akhtar, a Legacy

    Known as the “Rawalpindi Express,” Shoaib Akhtar terrified batsmen with the fastest ever recorded delivery of 161.3 kmph. He made his debut in 1997 and delighted spectators with his quickness and aggression throughout his career as a fiery fast bowler from Pakistan. He is retired now and may be found on [YouTube]( sharing his cricketing wisdom.



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