Tragedy Strikes Bollywood: Kartik Aaryan Mourns Uncle and Aunt Killed in Mumbai Hoarding Collapse

    The death of Kartik Aaryan, uncle and aunt from Bollywood, was connected with the wrongly put hoarding in Ghatkopar Mumbai.

    The death of Kartik Aaryan, uncle and aunt from Bollywood, was connected with the wrongly put hoarding in Ghatkopar Mumbai. He had witnessed his uncle’s death and still mourned the loss of his grandpa on his mother’s side. Unfortunately, the Aryan brothers, family members of Karthik Aaryan, have lost their lives due to the Ghatkopar billboard collapse in Mumbai. Out of the 16 dead remained the actress’s maternal uncle and aunt, retired Air Traffic Control (ATC) Manoj Chansoria and his wife, Anita Chansoria.


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    Trainee retired ATC manager Manoj Chansoria, 60, and his wife Anjita, 59, who happened to be in their car when a large hoarding settled on a petrol pump in Ghatkopar. This was one of the four hoardings which collapsed due to unbearable dust storms in Mumbai during which 19 people died and 34 were injured.

    Their bodies found in Thursday.

    Jabalpur itself was the home of the couple, in the area around Mariam Chowk, and their bodies were found three days after the incident, trapped in their car. The exact date and the cause of their deaths is impossible to determine with certainty either.

    As stated in a report in ‘Indian Express’, Kartik being a young and busy actor from his latest release of Chandu Champion had to make time out to attend the funeral of the relatives. He participated in the funeral beside his other family in the last rites in Sahar Cremation Ground, feeling the grief of the death of his relatives in this case of accident.

    According to the report, the two were in Mumbai for a Dumination of their visas to visit their son Yash in the USA. On a Monday afternoon he did what it takes when Yash lost contact with his parents. As per the Indian Express coverage: “Their son had been unsuccessfully trying to make contact with them since around 5 pm on 13th May. “With no way to contact Manoj and Anita’s phone calls not being answered, Ian went ahead and contacted Manoj’s work colleagues for aid. After several hours of searching, the bodies of the people were found with the collapsed hoarding blocking their escape.

    About the incident

    16 people met with death in the slum of Ghatkopar in Mumbai, India, in the evening of Monday after a giant hoarding collsaped. But the hoarding fell victim to the unruly elements when the rain of spring and the wind presented themselves simultaneously.

    A big and public billiard fell on a crowded petrol station; someone trapped under it was 100 people. To that sobering number, it may be added that the accidents caused 74 injuries. On Thursday, the Mumbai Police nabbed Bhavesh Bhinde, CEO of Ego Media Pvt Ltd. This is the medium that owns the billboard which collapsed. The company had sent a request to the Limca Book of record to confirm, that its hoarding is indeed the largest commercial hoarding in India.



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