Adah Sharma moves into Sushant Singh Rajput’s apartment: This place gave me positive energy.

    Adah Sharma was a paying guest of Sushant Singh Rajput, where the latter had a house in Mumbai, and the arrangement was for five years.

    Bollywood actress Adah Sharma was living as a paying guest with Sushant Singh Rajput, where the latter had a house in Mumbai, and the arrangement was for five years. They met her four months ago when she rented a house in the vicinity.

    EXCLUSIVE: Flat where Sushant Singh Rajput died fails to find a tenant even 2.5 years after his death: “When prospective tenants would hear that this is the same apartment where he died,

    In the past few months, there were reports of Adah Sharma shifting to the flat that belonged to late actor Sushant Singh Rajput in Mumbai. The actor has finally opened her mouth and stated that she actually moved into the place four months ago. That is why she insists that she is comfortable now she lives in a new house.

    Bombay Times was able to catch up with the actor and in the interview, he shared his experience of moving to the new house which is located in Bandra; He revealed that there were people who attempted to discourage him from occupying the new dwelling.

    Moving into Sushant’s apartment

    “I shifted to this flat (Mont Blanc Apartments, Bandra) four months back but I was completely occupied with the promotion of my projects Bastar and The Kerala Story’s OTT release and then I flew to Mathura to spend time at the elephant sanctuary It is only now that I got a break,” she added.

    सुशांत का यह फ्लैट मुंबई के बांद्रा वेस्ट में स्थित है।

    She said, “I grew up in Pali Hill, Bandra and till now I have lived there only and this is the first time shifting out from there. I am quite selective about energies and I feel positive energy is there in this place. We lived in Kerala and Mumbai, the house was surrounded by trees and we used to feed birds and squirrels. So, I wanted a home with a beautiful view and enough space where I could feed birds. ”

    The actor also disclaimed having any doubt about moving into the place by saying that she relied on her instinct instead of the opinions of others. Specifically, Adah has been occupying the apartment for five years.

    In this regard, she has worked hard to prove that they intimidated her into joining the horror movie through 1920, and also threatened her for not accepting The Kerala Story. But she relied on intuition anyway and went ahead to do it.

    सुशांत इस बड़े से टेलीस्कोप से स्पेस का नजारा देखते थे। उन्हें स्पेस के बारे में जानने का बहुत शौक था।

    Indeed, through Adah’s intervention, the place has also been beautified, the first step was to apply white paint all over the place. Some of the changes are stated as follows: Here it is stated that the lower floor has been converted as a place of worship i. e. mandir while one of the rooms on the top floor has been used as a music room and the other one as a dance studio. She has also changed the terrace into a garden that looks so lovely. Adah together with her mother now lives a simple life and mostly owns very few items of furniture; it is stated and reported that both of them “sleep and eat on the floor”.

    Buzz around the property

    Preceding that in August 2023, it was rumored that Adah was in the process of purchasing an apartment in Mont Blanc Apartments. Subsequent to this, TellyChakkar posted a report informing its readers about the authenticity of this news, citing that Adah’s team talked with them about it. Sushant joined the ‘Kaanphul’ society in December 2019 for Rs 4.5 lakh per month. It is a duplex, a kind of two occupied levels of different heights with one situated above the other, and has a total floor area of about 3,600 sq ft There is a large hall on the lower floor The three bedrooms are on the upper floor.



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