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    Bulldozer Action on Azam Khan’s Resort for Illegal Occupation of Government Land

    The troubles of senior Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan and his family are not decreasing. The administration took action to free 0.038 hectares of land in the private Hamsafar Resort complex of Azam Khan family. The administration team reached Hamsafar Resort with bulldozers with a heavy police force led by SDM Sadar Monica Singh and CO City Ravi Khokhar.

    After breaking the outer wall of Azam Khan’s resort in Rampur, a building built in the complex was also demolished. Apart from this, action was also taken regarding the overhead water tank under the boundary of Hamsafar Resort. SP leader Azam Khan has Hamsafar Resort located in Pasiapura Shumali. In this case, after the complaint of city MLA Akash Saxena, a case was filed in the court of Tehsildar Sadar by the district administration itself.

    It was said in the case that the resort has 0.038 hectares of land of manure pits. Its plot number is 164. The measurement was done on the court’s order. It came to light that this is the land of manure pits. The Tehsildar Court ordered to vacate the illegal occupation from the land as well as to recover compensation. Even after this, no action could be taken forward.

    Two days ago, city MLA Akash Saxena had sent a letter to SDM Monika Singh demanding action. It is believed that the administration has taken this action after the warning of BJP leader and city MLA Akash Saxena. On this matter, District Magistrate Jogendra Singh said that Pasiapur is a village in Tehsil Sadar. Its plot number is 164, whose area is 0.0380 hectares and its nature was. It is manure pits. Hamsafar Resort had some possession on it.

    There was a boundary wall on the land. A water project was also built in it. That has been freed from occupation today. This is Section 67 which is the Tehsildar’s court. An eviction suit was filed in it and an order was passed. It was complied with on 22 February 2021. In 2022, the possession was accepted by them. They had also deposited Rs 5 lakh 32 thousand as compensation.

    When asked what was the reason behind the delay in the action to free the possession? On this, the District Magistrate said that look, this matter has just come to my notice, so we have immediately freed it from possession by talking to the Captain with force. As you all know, all the government chak marks or manure pits we have in Rampur district. We have also started a campaign for that.

    When asked how much land was there in Azam Khan’s resort. On this, the District Magistrate said that if we look at it in square meters, it is 380 square meters, so roughly it is 450 yards. There was also a water project of Jal Nigam in it. By the way, it was for the villagers, so that water could be arranged for them. Because it was inside the premises, it could not be operated in this manner. Now if we transfer it to the Gram Panchayat, we will be able to provide about 400 or 500 connections.


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