Jurassic World Reboots with Bailey at the Helm: Actor in Talks for Lead Role

    The upcoming “Jurassic World” film is set for a fresh start, and it seems the future may belong to Bridgerton heartthrob Jonathan Bailey. According to Deadline, Bailey is in early negotiations to take the lead role in the sixth installment of the dinosaur franchise.

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    A New Era Dawns

    This “Jurassic World” film marks a significant shift for the series. Unlike previous entries, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are not expected to return. The studio intends to usher in a new era, with Bailey potentially becoming the face of the franchise moving forward.

    A Wickedly Good Choice

    Bailey is no stranger to the spotlight. He recently rose to fame with his captivating performance as Anthony Bridgerton in the Netflix period drama “Bridgerton.” His upcoming projects include the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of “Wicked” and a role in the video game “Final Fantasy XIV.”

    Bailey and Johansson: A Dynamic Duo?

    While details about Bailey’s character remain under wraps, reports suggest he might be sharing the screen with another A-lister. Scarlett Johansson is also reportedly in talks for a lead role, potentially setting the stage for a compelling on-screen partnership.

    Gareth Edwards Takes the Helm

    However, the film will be directed by Gareth Edwards, known for his work on “Godzilla” (2014) and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” With Edwards’ experience in creating large-scale sci-fi spectacles and Bailey’s rising star power, the project has the potential to be a box office smash.

    Return of the Original Scribe

    Adding to the intrigue, the script for the new “Jurassic World” will be penned by David Koepp. He wrote the screenplay for the original “Jurassic Park” (1993). Koepp’s return brings a veteran storyteller back to the world he helped create, potentially offering a fresh perspective while honoring the franchise’s legacy.

    A Universe in Expansion

    The “Jurassic World” franchise continues to expand beyond the big screen. The animated series “Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous” has found success on Netflix, and there are talks of further animated projects and even theme park expansions.

    Intrigue for Fans

    However, the casting news and the return of Koepp have sent a wave of excitement through the “Jurassic World” fanbase. Speculation runs rampant about the film’s plot, Bailey’s character, and how this new chapter will connect to the previous films.

    A Cautious Roar

    While some fans are enthusiastic about the fresh direction, others remain cautious. The absence of familiar faces like Pratt and Howard might be met with resistance. The success of the film will hinge on Bailey’s ability to anchor the narrative, Edwards’ vision for the dinosaurs, and Koepp’s ability to craft a compelling story that both honors the past and paves the way for the future.

    Filming on the Horizon

    With casting talks underway and a script by the original writer, the new “Jurassic World” film is gaining momentum. Filming is expected to begin later this year, with a target release date set for July 2nd, 2025. Until then, fans can speculate and await the official details about this exciting new chapter in the Jurassic saga.


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