‘Madame Web’ Assessment: Despite Dakota Johnson’s Efforts, This Spider-Man Spinoff Falls Short

    In my opinion, “Madame Web” feels akin to Venom 2. It comes across as a B-level Marvel flick. The plot is rather simplistic, and the antagonist lacks intrigue. Even Dakota Johnson’s portrayal of Madame Web fails to impress. The overall film feels dull and uninspiring, with a repetitive theme of people gaining powers from spider bites. Around 40% into the movie, three characters, seemingly teenagers but portrayed by actresses clearly in their 20s, are introduced, throwing off the movie’s tone.

    “Madame Web” does have its moments of entertainment. The storyline remains refreshingly uncomplicated, grounded mostly in the real world rather than delving into feverish animated dreamscapes or CGI-filled outer space realms like many recent Marvel flicks. Plus, with a runtime of around 110 minutes, it doesn’t feel like a drag to sit through. However, despite these merits, it still falls short of sparking any real excitement.

    I suspect this movie endured rigorous test screenings and subsequent edits, resulting in a profoundly uninteresting film devoid of directorial finesse, narrative intrigue, and compelling dramatic performances. It suffers from questionable ADR (additional dialogue replacement), disjointed editing, and leaves a lingering sense of an absent final act, rendering it disappointingly unfinished and entirely unengaging.

    This numbers are Quite disgraceful for a super hero movie grossing worldwide! But lets hope SONY finds a way to come out of this grief sooner and also learn something useful out of it.


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