Mirzapur Season 3
    July 5, 2024
    Blood and Gore

    Mirzapur 3 Review: A Damp Squib of Excitement

    Mirzapur 3 is back after four years, promising violence and drama but missing the spark of previous seasons. The focus on female characters adds new layers.

    Review of Mirzapur 3: Fans of Mirzapur can now breathe a sense of relief! The third season of the show has now been released by the creators after four years of production. Once more, it smells like gunpowder and gore and is full of violence, bloodshed, and guts. Does that imply that the series has succeeded beyond all expectations once more? I’m sorry to break your hearts, but unfortunately, no. The most recent season feels like a damp squib after the previous two became a staple of contemporary pop culture and meme fests. Alright, that might be overkill, but it could also be the result of having unrealistic expectations.

    The Return and Missing Spark

    The spark, the spunk, and the spectacle of Mirzapur season three seem to be missing, along with Munna bhaiya and Kaleen bhaiya’s quasi-absence. It starts a little slowly and doesn’t gather up steam or grab your attention until the third episode. That being said, you will discover that your loyalty to the franchise prevents you from giving up. Yes, Mirzapur aficionados, you will have to wait a while to enjoy its drama and nearly feral recklessness.

    Notable Changes and Character Development

    Alert for spoilers and heartache: A sequence in the opening scene of season three effectively ends all rumors and fan hypotheses. Yes, Munna bhaiya, our favorite “gangsta,” who personified alpha, sigma, and the thug life, is no longer with us. He is placed in an electric incinerator, and regrettably, nobody from his family—aside from his wife Madhuri, who happens to be the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh—is shown there for his cremation. What a depressing way to finish a life fit for a king!

    Returning to the storyline, Madhuri breaks gender stereotypes by offering to light the family fire when the priest asks a male member to do so. And that establishes a standard for every woman on the show. Politics and violence may be a man’s domain, but this season’s women take a bolder stance than ever before, ending their positions as the men’s wingmen operating in the background.

    Power Struggles and Unresolved Questions

    Golu blossoms and becomes shoulder-to-shoulder with Guddu. She adopts the persona of Bablu, turning into the cerebral counterpart of the brash and impetuous Guddu. Beena continues to utilize her sexuality as a potent weapon and act as a spark amidst the political chaos in the area. Dimpy has a profound mental change, and her quiet gradually develops into something more meaningful and calculated. Lala’s daughter Shabnam assumes leadership and advances her father’s “barfi” venture while her dad is incarcerated.

    And it still stands as the season’s greatest highlight. The show’s creators, who include writers Apurva Dhar Badgaiyan, directors Gurmeet Singh and Anand Iyer, and producers Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar, should be commended for giving the women in the program’s ambitious layers that are both novel and groundbreaking.

    Kaleen Bhaiya was critically hurt at the end of season two, but his nephew Sharad Shukla was able to save him. “Sharad ne Kaleen bhaiya ko kyun bachaaya?” was a question that the internet wondered for four years. We’re glad to inform you that this season, the solution will be found. Initially, there were many unanswered issues regarding Kaleen bhaiya’s disappearance, with many people thinking he is no longer alive.


    Ramakant Pandit, who murdered SSP Maurya in an attempt to defend Guddu, is taken into custody when he resolves to exact revenge on himself. The attempts made by his relatives to have his decision reversed are unsuccessful. Even though Guddu, Golu, and Beena believe Guddu is the legitimate heir to the Mirzapur throne, other “baahubalis” oppose them. The struggle between Sharad and Guddu over who is the “gaddi ka daavedaar” is the main subject of the remaining episodes of the show.

    Despite the corruption, killings, and power struggles, Madhuri is determined to establish a “bhay mukt Pradesh” and carry out her father’s “viraasat,” even though her cabinet colleagues mock her for being a woman. Despite her intense focus, she proclaims, “Humaari maqsad hai uss gaddi ko khatam karna,” with no shame. She dresses in a white saree once more. Paradoxically, during an election campaign, Munna bhaiya had boldly proposed to her, telling her that white doesn’t suit her and promising to bring color into her life by taking off her white saree.



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    Review of Mirzapur 3: Fans of Mirzapur can now breathe a sense of relief! The third season of the show has now been released by the creators after four years of production. Once more, it smells like gunpowder and gore and is full of...Mirzapur 3 Review: A Damp Squib of Excitement