Ananya Panday Opens Up About Heartache in Viral Instagram Video

    Instagram video captured and uploaded by singer Orry, actress Ananya Panday claimed to ‘lose my soul’, when she was prompted to tell what she lost over the weekend.

    In a recent Instagram video captured and uploaded by singer Orry, actress Ananya Panday claimed to ‘lose my soul’, when she was prompted to tell what she lost over the weekend. Within moments of the candid admission, emojis of sweet concern, well wishes, and support began pouring on social media.

    Fans Rally Behind Ananya


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    Later, in one of the videos of Ananya Pandey giving a heartfelt comment, her fans started to show their concern and supported her by commenting on the video. Trusting the power of words, one fan wrote, ‘Girl, come back stronger’ while another fan tried offering words of comfort by saying, ‘We feel you Ananya’ Another tried encouraging the young lady by writing, ‘Ananya we can feel you and we are with you. Just do what you love and live with those people who actually care for you, you are the best, my girl’.

    A Sudden Breakup with Aditya Roy Kapur

    The video release comes at the time many news sources speculated that Ananya Pandey and the actor Aditya Roy Kapur, who were allegedly together for the past two years, broke up. The two separated in March this year, rumors that have been confirmed by media reports. This news shocked many people to the core especially friends who have been following the couple and any developments regarding their relationship.

    Inside Sources Confirm the Split

    According to an insider of two actors, Ananya and Aditya have split up each other. The split was said to be quite sudden, which certainly helped to put the recent comments by Ananya into a more emotional context. Even though their romantic affairs are no longer active, both actors seem to be working hard towards developing lucrative careers.

    Ananya’s Emotional Journey


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    Ananya Panday recently said something that has been a common thrown among many girls she felt lost after a breakup. Various fans have lauded her for being so open about her issues with emotions, which people seem to connect with so much. During this public event, it is possible to notice the relations between stars and their admirers and to see how social networking can turn into a manifestation of people’s emotions and unison.

    Moving Forward

    Meanwhile, Ananya has also requested her fans to stay strong during this pandemic time and also encouraged her fans. The actress was famous for her cheerful disposition and; therefore, we are sure that she shall rise again. Ananya has been fairly successful in Bollywood and her appeal lies in the fact that she resonates with the public in a very evident way.

    Ananya Panday recently posted on social media that she lost her soul over the weekend and now many fans are sympathetic to her. This information provides background to her mental condition and gives insight when one learns that she recently broke up with Aditya Roy Kapur. Well, it is disheartening for Ananya and her fans but they are optimistic that she will come out stronger from this nightmare. Given her continuous efforts to enhance her career and health, she is sure to be encouraged by her strong fan base.



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