“Hamare Baarah”: Bombay HC Approves Annu Kapoor Starrer After Cuts; Release Date Announced

    Annu Kapoor's 'Hamare Baarah' gets Bombay High Court approval after cuts. The film, addressing population issues, releases June 21, 2024, following CBFC revisions.

    More recently in June this year, a new film called Hamare Baarah starring Annu Kapoor has undergone the Bombay High Court’s approval for release after the film producers agreed to cut or make changes as suggested by the High Court on behalf of the CBFC.

    On their part, the Bombay High Court on June 19, 2024, said that they detected no infectiveness in Hamare Baarah starring Annu Kapoor. Stressing the fact that the film has uplifting roles for the females. It was later in the month when the court also allowed its release in theaters in the subsequent update.

    The court also stated that subsequent to the revisions, the motion picture will have a public screening, which will involve the deletion of some of the dialogue and scenes in the film and its trailer.

    Popular television actress Annu Kapoor’s show Hamare Baarah goes on air

    The movie which was first planned to release on June 7 has been rescheduled to June 14, and now the release date is finalized for June 21, 2024. The movie was banned for some time because of legal battles that arose because of petitions that accused the movie of distorting the Quran and was deemed as having no regard for the Muslim religion, women, and the Muslim community.

    A three-judge bench of the same court, which included Justices BP Colabawalla and Firdosh Pooniwalla watched the film and could not fathom anything obnoxious that could provoke the feeling of violence or disrespect to the Quran or the Muslims. They also distinguished that the Indian public is well-informed and cannot be fooled with fake information easily.

    Hamare Baarah makers express their willingness to undertake alterations

    It was also agreed on by both the filmmakers and the petitioners, the specific changes that were required by the court. They signed consent terms to accept to delete scenes and dialogue content that they deemed undesirable.

    And now, respectively to the opinion of the Bombay High Court, the filmmakers agreed to do away with several dialogue and scenes from the trailer. Also, the court suggested that the directors had to include two disclaimers, each for 12 seconds in the aforementioned film.

    The court allowed the release of the movie which went through changes and obtained a fresh certification from the CBFC. The HC has also directed the film producers to pay a hefty sum of Rs 5 lakh to the CBFC for violating the norms by broadcasting the trailer without obtaining the certification.

    The ‘Ideal Relief Committee Trust’ must receive a gift within eight weeks of the movie’s premiere, per the court’s directive. The purpose of this fund is to aid those impacted by natural catastrophes.

    The film Hamare Baarah, which is set in Uttar Pradesh and stars Annu Kapoor, Parth Samthan, Manoj Joshi, Rahul Bagga, and others, tackles the important problem of population expansion. Kamal Chandra is the director of the movie.



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