The Mughals and Their Love for Alcohol

    The Mughals' love for alcohol was notable, with Jahangir famously consuming up to twenty glasses at once. The origins and types of alcohol used by the Mughals.

    Our nation was controlled by the Mughals for a very long period. From Babur to Shah Jahan, there were Mughals who enjoyed drinking and using alcohol; typically, they combined alcohol with tobacco and opium. We will tell you in today’s report how much alcohol they used to drink in such a setting and where it came from.

    Jahangir Had an Obsession With Booze

    One of the Mughal dynasties’ most notorious monarchs, Jahangir, was known to consume up to twenty glasses of alcohol at once. Liquor consumption was widespread in the Mughal court. It was retained as a kind of amusement; occasionally, politics and social gatherings involved alcohol as well.

    Iran Produced Alcohol

    The wine was imported from Iran for the Mughals. It was regarded as Persia’s finest wine as well. To produce it, a particular variety of grapes was utilized. When it comes to winemaking in Persia, grape fermentation was the method used. In addition, the Mughals imported wine from Central Asia and Persia. The wine was imported from Europe through the Portuguese and Dutch for privileged guests. Among them was Shiraz wine, which was brought in from Persia and was regarded as the best wine globally.


    A major part of the Mughals’ court culture and social life may be seen in their preoccupation with wine. Jahangir’s excessive alcohol consumption—he might have up to twenty glasses at once—emphasizes the significant influence alcohol had on their lives. The Mughals valued quality and luxury, as seen by their liking for Persian wine, particularly the renowned Shiraz wine. Their varied interests and relationships were demonstrated by the fact that wine from Central Asia, Persia, and Europe was a mainstay at their parties. This historical predilection for alcohol sheds light on the Mughals’ connections with other cultures through the trading of exquisite wines, in addition to demonstrating the luxury of the period.




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