The post-credits scene of Inside Out 2: Info you might not know

    Pixar’s Inside Out 002 ends with a humorous post-credits scene. Joy hilariously tries to reveal Riley's Deep Dark Secret, leading to a funny twist about stubbing a toe.

    Inside Out 2: Pixar film always finishes up with another joke, and this particular movie gives another humorous twist at the end. Like most Disney films, their latest one, Pixar’s Inside Out 002, also has a scene after the credits roll. All in all, rather than an exciting teaser for subsequent adventures, it serves only as comic relief, as it often happens with MCU post-credits scenes.

    The movie, a sequel to the film ‘Inside Out,’ takes us back to Riley’s mind, where Joy (Amy Poehler) and the core emotions are overwhelmed by a barrage of new, Riley-complexion emotions that enter once puberty hits. Anxiety, a new set of emotions led by Maya Hawke, forces Riley’s other feelings, led by Joy, out of the control room in the head controlling Riley’s emotional state, and they have to navigate the mind’s recess to reclaim Riley’s self.

    They face challenges; one of them is a car chasm, a canyon Slamdance-style; and they spend some time in Riley’s mind vault where they meet Riley’s secret crush Lance Slashblade, the leader of the Video Game Kids, Yong Yea, and Deep Dark Secret, Steve Purcell.

    The audience gets the first glimpse of the attributes of Riley’s character during the reaming sequences before the actual storyline when her parents inquire about her stay in the hockey camp, and the audience sees the entire gamut of Riley’s emotions run through all the possible ways, from the complete honesty to lying through her teeth.

    Boredom (Adèle Exarchopoulos) arrives to the rescue and has Riley say in a nonchalant attitude: Good, which destabilizes her parent’s basic feelings.

    The fake post-credits scene is really the last joke in the movie and a funnier part of the Kung Fu fighting scene. In the current scene, It seems that Joy is calling Deep Dark Secret out of the vault with a lot of enthusiasm in order to get him to spit the secret. As it happens, Riley has to admit that she stubbed her toe while once accidentally burning a hole in the rug.

    Marking the climax, Joy presumed it would be when Riley urinated in a pool, a notion that makes Deep Dark Secret disappear again into the vault.

    The director of Inside Out, Kelsey Mann, recently told Entertainment Weekly, “The Inside Out world is so cool because you can take these abstract elements that we all know about the brain and you can physicalize them.” This allows emotions and other aspects of our brains, like our secrets, to come to life.

    For a “deep, dark secret,” it’s quite light stuff, which is to be expected from a thirteen-year-old. But maybe in the upcoming Inside Out TV series, which is scheduled to debut on Disney+ in the spring, we’ll learn more about this Secret and how he functions in Riley’s head.



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