‘Yakshini’ Leaked Online: Supernatural Series from ‘Baahubali’ Creators Faces Piracy Woes

    'Yakshini', the awaited supernatural horror series by Arka Media Works, leaked online shortly after release, impacting creators financially.

    Private Production Yakshini’, in its original anima series concept and production done by ‘Arka Media Works’, who have associated with ‘Baahubali 1’ and ‘Baahubali 2’ has been leaked shortly after it went online in a way that was distressing to the creators. This most awaited supernatural horror series, directed by Teja Marni, is all set to premiere on the OTT platform of Disney Plus Hotstar on June 14, and it is available to watch in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Hindi, and Bengali languages.


    It seems to fit into both folklore and modern romance with a plot of Alkapuri Yakshini who assumes the human form and commits herself to prohibited conduct. As an example, she is punished by making one hundred men go along with her back to Alkapuri for having transgressed the rules of the place. She tricks men, boys, and anyone who crosses her path with her beauty and seduction, but then the story changes with her 100th prey.

    Subsequently, it received much anticipation since its trailer drop, as the trailer for the show received immense popularity and response. But the joy was cut short by a common phenomenon that has seen numerous series leak shortly after release. It makes a huge impact on the makers financially and what the current viewers are doing is to download and watch it in HD print for free.

    ’Yakshini’ is a Telugu-language movie which has noted actresses Lakshmi Manchu, and Vedhika as main leads and Rahul Vijay as Krishna and Ajay as Mahakal playing the lead roles for Jwalamukhi. It was directed by Soumya Sharma who heads Arka Media, the production of the series was under the supervision of Yadu, Shobu Yarlagadda, and Prasad Devineni. The script was written by Ram Vamsi Krishna and the visuals and sounds were created by Priyadarshan Bala Subramaniam. Karthikeyan Rohini was the one in charge of editing.

    ‘Yakshini’ was subjected to piracy which is a big loss for the makers of the film and it clearly marks the problem of piracy that has become a regular menace to the entertainment industry. Despite these strong measures to prevent such leaks, the episodes are still leaked, and this robs the artists and producers of their rightfully earned income and also affects the overall earnings.


    ‘Yakshini’ as a leakage is a typical example of the abundant weaknesses that exist in the digital distribution of content. Such entertainment holds great value to the producers who dedicate time, effort, and resources to its production, and piracy negates such valuable investment. To this end, it is imperative that viewers also embrace legal means by which to access content in order to give producers the green light when it comes to creating and sharing great shows.

    Current challenges emanating from piracy within the industry have left everyone wondering on how best to protect digital content as well as enhance the creators’ protection. The bad experience of watching “Yakshini” has certainly been spoiled by leakage, but there is still a chance that the viewers interested in the series due to the interesting story and good acting, will seek the show on legal streaming sites, which will restore hope to the frustrated creators.



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