Ravi Teja Completes Lucknow Schedule of ‘Mr. Bachchan’

    Director Harish Shankar recently updated on ‘Mr. Bachchan’s’ progress via social media. He thanked the cast and crew for their commitment to the intense 30-day schedule in Lucknow. Shankar also suggested that the Lucknow filming has wrapped up. He ended with a promise to gather again in Hyderabad for the upcoming schedule.

    He expressed, “We’ve completed the final shot of the intense 30-day schedule for #MrBachchan. I’m deeply grateful to the cast and crew for their dedication and hard work. Looking forward to meeting everyone in Hyderabad soon for our next phase.”

    In addition, Harish Shankar posted a photo from the sets, giving fans a peek of what goes on behind the scenes.

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    The film ‘Mr. Bachchan’ is stirring up considerable excitement among fans. They are keenly anticipating Ravi Teja’s portrayal, which is inspired by the iconic Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan. Following his previous movie, ‘Eagle’, this will mark Ravi Teja’s return to the cinema screens.

    The film ‘Mr. Bachchan’ adapts the Hindi blockbuster ‘Raid’, originally starring Ajay Devgn, and will feature Ravi Teja in the role of a government officer. Drawing inspiration from an actual income-tax raid, the movie explores one of the most extensive raids in history. It aims to engage the audience with a narrative brimming with intrigue and tension.

    Further Schedule of “Mr. Bachchan”

    With the completion of the Lucknow schedule, the production of ‘Mr. Bachchan’ now moves to Hyderabad. Here, the next filming phase will commence. The film’s creators are diligently working to fulfill the high expectations and ensure a prompt release.

    The producers have not yet disclosed the release date for ‘Mr. Bachchan’. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that the film could debut in the upcoming summer season.

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    Ravi Teja’s wrap-up of the Lucknow schedule for ‘Mr. Bachchan’ marks a major milestone in the film’s production, building excitement for its upcoming release.

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