Unveiling Ruchika Lohiya: The Influencer Targeted by Orry’s Threat of Legal Action

    Ruchika Lohiya graduated from Whistling Woods International in Mumbai with a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking and advertising.

    In a viral Instagram video, content creator Ruchika Lohiya alleged that popular influencer Orry refused to shake her hand at an event, opting for a fist bump instead. Lohiya expressed her dismay, emphasizing, “He couldn’t even touch my hand.” Furthermore, she claimed that Orry’s manager explicitly requested that no photos be taken. Consequently, Orry has issued a threat of legal action against Lohiya in response to her accusations.

    After the incident, Orry responded to Ruchika’s post, explaining that he refrained from shaking her hand due to concerns about hand cleanliness. He criticized her for bypassing his security and ignoring his manager’s directives. Orry also suggested that Lohiya was seeking attention by portraying herself as a victim.

    In response to the video, Orry criticized Ms. Lohiya, stating he didn’t know her and she wasn’t his “homie.” He defended his decision not to shake her hand, citing concerns about potential germs. Orry expressed willingness to meet fans and friends, but disapproved of Lohiya’s actions at the public event, including bypassing security and disrespecting his manager. Despite offering a friendly fist bump, Orry questioned why Lohiya expected physical contact from strangers and suggested her video was for attention-seeking purposes.

    This incident underscores the intricacies of interactions between influencers and their followers, bringing attention to matters of boundaries, consent, and public perception in the era of digital communication.



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