Digital India Bill: New Legislation Aims to Regulate AI-Generated Content

    The Modi government will introduce the Digital India Bill in the upcoming parliamentary session to tackle AI-generated deepfake videos and online content.

    To directly address the emerging consequences of AI-generated deepfake videos and general online content, the Narendra Modi government plans to present a bill in the current parliamentary session. This new legislation will be called the Digital India Bill to work towards tackling the effects and adversities of deep fakes while at the same time looking into the positive possibilities that Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can bring.

    The Objective of the Digital India Bill

    It is primarily aimed at tackling the issues of fake and threatening videos and other materials flowing through Social Media, including YouTube. There are more recent things like deepfakes, which can manipulate real videos and pictures but mimic them so well that it is hard to tell that the original is not the person in the image or the video. Such videos can employ nude intentions such as imparting false information, maligning character, and sometimes even swaying the undecided populace.

    This bill presented by the government aims to lay down laws and standards that would apply to the production, dissemination, and utilization of AI content. This also involves implementing measures that would help to detect deepfakes’ risks and implement countermeasures and also for online platforms to employ measures to look into and remove terrible content actively.

    Consensus Building and Legislative Process

    In preparing for the passage of the Digital India Bill in the Indian Parliament, the governing political party has expressed intentions of consulting all the political parties to have their views in the bill that is Awaiting introduction in the Indian Parliament.

    This approach seeks to gather and consolidate support for the bill and will facilitate approval of the bill easily without much strife. Through coordination with various political entities, the government aims to mitigate grievances and gain diverse ideas to enhance the bill.

    The next parliament session which is the first parliamentary session of the 18th session of Lok Sabha is going to commence from 24/06/2019 to 03/07/2019. After this, the monsoon session is expected to begin on July 22 and end on August 9, 2009. These sessions will be used by the government to present the Digital India Bill in the process making it among the priorities as stated on the legislative calendar.



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