Privacy Issues Resurface: Google Data Leaks Expose Past Incidents

    An issue related to security that was displayed stated that Street View saved license plates because it had an algorithm that detected texts in images.

    The leakage of information of Google pertaining to the privacy and security of this firm was recently identified by 404 Media Leak Google. The report says that this information highlights the former cases in Google during the period of 2013 to 2018, which causes doubts about Google’s data collection. This includes cases in which Google has crossed the line, despite the supposed protection it has put in place.

    Google Data Leaks

    Such incidences include a blurring mistake on YouTube which accidentally unveiled the actual images and Waze Carpool misfortune that broadcasted the users’ home addresses. The incident that comes to mind is when Google’s speech service recorded the voices of 1,000 children for about an hour. Another incident highlighted concerned license plates as an article by 404 Media claimed that Google’s Street View recorded the plates due to an algorithm that recognized text within images.

    According to the report it has confirmed that the matters were raised by the company employees about six to nine years ago. However, he said, all these issues are addressed now which implies that any data has been purged. Some were never acts of misconduct or involved matters pertaining to third-party applications. Google published that some of them were simulations of security teams for improving product protections or accidental notifications of product flaws.

    Recently Google admitted a data breach exposing 2500 internal docs to the public which caused a stir in SEO and publishing circles. These documents leaked online and containing databases filled with the data Google collected during the search, including information about the work of the ranking algorithm. Because potential consequences are regarding the algorithm that Google uses for ranking the pages, as well as websites, the news has caused a great deal of concern and discussions within the industry.

    Google Data Leaks

    Google’s PR explained to The Verge that the information in the leaked document should not be taken at face value, as often what may look obvious or questionable depends heavily on factors surrounding it. The spokesperson also pointed out the need not to reach inferiors from data that can be very outdated or just insufficient. Many website owners have an idea of how Google’s search engine works as well as the factors taken into consideration when filtering the results. However, the company still ensures it does not compromise the validity of its search outcomes to certain influences.

    This event highlights why it is a problem and a menace to handle large volumes of data in the era of the digital world. This incident is a reminder that such a breach can occur in the future and we must strengthen our data security mechanisms and be more transparent with our user base.



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