The most wanted criminal from MP was arrested in Ayodhya while visiting Ram Lalla.

    The Madhya Pradesh police recently achieved a major success when it arrested Kishore alias Kissu Tiwari, one of the most wanted criminals in Ayodhya of Uttar Pradesh.

    The Madhya Pradesh police recently achieved a major success when it arrested Kishore alias Kissu Tiwari, one of the most wanted criminals in Ayodhya of Uttar Pradesh. Kishore was also wanted for several other serious crimes like murder and attempted murder. This made his capture a major achievement since he had been on the run from the police for many years.

    SP Abhijeet Ranjan said that Kishore alias Kissu Tiwari was a most wanted criminal for the Katni police as well as the Jabalpur police. He had been active for several years and had a reward of 55,000 rupees on his head. In a bid to arrest him, the police established five specialized teams that conducted searches in different areas within the country.

    Kishore’s arrest was as a result of information that had been passed to the police. Based on this information, the police managed to track him down and arrest him in Ayodhya. Kishore had come to Ayodhya with his family where he had put on a long white beard and came clad in a kurta pajama so as to mingle with the locals to visit the Ram Lalla temple.

    It also indicates that this operation depends on the detailed and synchronized police force work. Even though Kishore masked himself and ensured that the police did not find him easily, his fate ran out due to police work. It was a major breakthrough since he had several times avoided being arrested by the police.

    Kishore Tiwari is a man who was involved in heinous crimes and was highly infamous for them. His arrest brings to an end a long string of crime spree and should therefore come as some consolation to the affected societies. The police pointed out that one of the most significant factors that made Kishore to evade arrest for a long time was because he was intelligent. However, his misfortune came in form of the relentless chase and good planning of the police force.

    This arrest shows the need for inter-state collaboration and intelligence in tracking down offenders who have fled to other jurisdictions. It also reaffirms the need to work harder in order to effectively address organized crime. The arrest of Kishore in a place as pious as Ayodhya brings in a certain pathos to the character and intertwines crime, disguise, and victory of law and order.



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