Engineer Rashid Granted Permission to Take Lok Sabha Oath

    Engineer Rashid, detained since 2017 for terrorism financing, receives NIA approval to take his Lok Sabha oath after winning the Baramulla seat. Stay updated!

    Srinagar: Permission to take an oath has been granted to Kashmiri leader Sheikh Abdul Rashid, also known as Engineer Rashid, who emerged victorious in the election for the Jammu and Kashmir Lok Sabha seat from Baramulla. Rashid is eligible to take the oath of office as a member of the Lok Sabha, according to the NIA at the court hearing. After winning the Baramulla seat, Rashid had petitioned for temporary bail to take an oath in court. The NIA approves it. Rashid, a member of the Lok Sabha from Baramulla, was detained in 2017 in connection with a Jammu and Kashmir case involving the sponsorship of terrorism. From behind the bars, Rashid has triumphed.

    Rashid has been detained in Tihar Jail since 2019

    He was barred from taking the oath of office alongside his colleagues in the 18th Lok Sabha after the NIA charged him in a case involving the financing of terrorism. With a margin of more than two lakh votes, Rashid defeated Omar Abdullah, the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, in an incredible triumph. Rashid received 472481 votes. Omar Abdullah received 268339 votes at the same time and was defeated by 204142 votes. Third place went to Sajjad Lone. He received 173239 votes. On June 24, the four other Jammu and Kashmiri MPs took an oath of office. The state has five seats in the Lok Sabha overall.

    The court approved the oath

    Engineer Rashid had won while incarcerated. He went to the court to ask for temporary bail to take an oath. Due to this, the Delhi court postponed the case’s hearing to June 22 and asked the NIA to respond. The court has approved Rashid’s oath following the NIA’s reply filing. Rashid can take the oath of office as a member of the Lok Sabha on July 5 following the NIA’s clearance. Currently, Engineer Rashid is being held at the Tihar Jail in Delhi.




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