PM Modi Takes Oath, Begins Third Lok Sabha Term: Calls for Unity and Action

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi begins third term in Lok Sabha, emphasizing unity and effective governance ahead of parliamentary session.

    On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sworn in for his third term as a member of the Lok Sabha. Along with the Prime Minister, other union ministers taking the oath of office included Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, and Piyush Goyal; former chief ministers Manohar Lal Khattar, HD Kumaraswamy, and Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Nitin Gadkari, a Nagpur native, was sworn in as a Lok Sabha member.

     The Prime Minister Modi spoke to the media before taking the oath of office. He emphasized the need to reach a consensus before the Parliamentary session while making choices pertaining to the public interest. Additionally, he stated that attaining Sabka Saath ought to be the main goal of the Lok Sabha session. 

    “We want to go ahead and speed up decisions by taking everyone together, by maintaining the sanctity of the Constitution,” he stated. Additionally, he stated that the nation looks on the opposition to be useful rather than to engage in pointless sloganeering. 

    “People don’t want controversy or commotion. Consumers want substance over slogans. The nation needs a capable opposition, and he expressed complete confidence that the MPs elected to the 18th Lok Sabha will work to uphold the expectations of the average citizen”, Modi added. 

    In addition, he criticized the Opposition over the 1975 state of emergency declared by the Congress party. He said that the events of June 25th were “a blot on democracy” and that he would never forget the “black days of emergency.”

    “The younger generation in India will never forget that democracy was totally crushed, the nation was transformed into a jail. The Indian Constitution was ripped to shreds. Our countrymen will adopt a resolution that no one will dare to do such a thing in India again that was done 50 years ago while protecting our Constitution while protecting the democracy of India, and the democratic traditions,” Modi stated. 

    Senior Congress Member Jairam Ramesh, meanwhile, poked fun at the prime minister for his speech given prior to the start of Parliament. Ramesh claimed that the prime minister used diversion “as usual” and made no fresh statements in his speech. 

    “He hasn’t demonstrated that he knows the real significance of the people’s decision, which saw him barely scrape by in Varanasi. Never doubt that the INDIA Janbandhan would keep him accountable for every minute. The senior Congress leader declared, “He stands brutally exposed.” 

    The Lok Sabha session is scheduled to begin on June 24 and end on July 3. A few important problems that the Opposition may bring up during this session are anomalies in the Lok Sabha Speaker election and the NEET-UG 2024 exam. 

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