Stood against hatred: INDIA bloc Congress bless Rahul on birthday

    Rahul Gandhi's 54th birthday: Leaders praise his dedication to the Constitution and compassion for the voiceless, as highlighted by Mallikarjun Kharge.

    “Your steadfast belief in the principles enunciated in the Constitution of India and your compelling sensitivity to millions of silenced voices, are the virtues that make you stand out,” Mallikarjun Kharge said.

    Congress leader Rahul Gandhi celebrated his 54th birthday on June 19 with various leaders extending their wishes to him Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge also gave his opinion about him stating that qualities such as his commitment towards the Indian Constitution and emphatic compassion towards the millions of voiceless are hard to find.

    Congress President Rahul Gandhi, an MP from Rae Bareli, has canceled all loud celebrations and instead encouraged all Congressmen to celebrate the occasion by practicing charity work. On X, Mr. Kharge took to Twitter to send out birthday wishes to Mr. Gandhi.

    He said, “Congress party’s ethos of unity in diversity, harmony, and compassion is evident in all your actions as you forge on with the relentless election year campaign of yours to perhaps wipe a tear off the last person standing by holding the mirror to power. ”Mr. Kharge congratulated Mr. Gandhi and said that he should live a long, healthy, and happy life in the future. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK chief M. K. Stalin also greeted Mr. Gandhi on his birthday.

    ”Wishing my brother Rahul Gandhi a ‘Happy Birthday’ today! Your work for the people of our nation will certainly make you soar high! The coming year enters your life; may all the best befall you,” Mr. Stalin posted on X.

    Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and Samajwadi Party chief, Akhilesh Yadav also joined the birthday wagon and extended his warm wishes to Mr. Gandhi.

    The Congress general secretary, in-charge, organization, K. C. Venugopal also reacted to the wishes pour in and tweeted, “A pleased birthday to our beloved leader Sh. Rahul Gandhi ji! Rahul Ji is the leader of India’s poor, disenfranchised, and oppressed citizens, he is the voice of the voiceless people of India, a steadfast strength for the weak, the protector of our Constitution, the

    “His tireless way of dedicating himself to the people, the love he has shown for his work, and the moral compass he possesses was described as motivation enough for the people and as the directions to be followed religiously,” he added.

    Mr. Venugopal said, “He (Mr. Gandhi) has observed the most difficult period; endured the more brutal vileness, been under constant pressures and assaults… physical and verbal; he has stood firm and has not swerved from his stand regardless of whatever uncomplimentary things that are said about him or vomited at him. ”

    Speaking about Mr. Modi, who became the country’s PM earlier today, Mr. Venugopal claimed he had a human mission for the rest of his life – to turn the country into an inclusive, progressive, and prosperous nation of everyone’s dreams.

    I wish him a lifetime full of joy and the strength to fight the good fight! Even on this occasion, Rahul ji has specifically advised all the Congress workers NOT to make any grand show/Festival, instead the best thing we can do is to celebrate this occasion by lending a helping hand to the needy / spending time on charity and of course I don’t need to remind you all to do it being Environment friendly.

    Telangana’s Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy also greeted Mr. Gandhi on the special occasion of his birthday and said, ‘Your personality is to oppose every adversity’.

    There is a vision to support the needy people and his concept is to struggle & sacrifice for the needy people; he is sagacious and the only leader who can fulfill India’s dreams for tomorrow as said by Mr. Reddy.

    On X, via a tweet on, the Congress stated,” Birthday to a leader who gave us ‘Choose Love’. I saw that one should choose love when evil comes around, hate. When it becomes hard to use the phrase ‘kindly,’ opt for love. It is always better to opt for love even when the situation is challenging. According to the stated choices, the appropriate course is choosing love when compassion is all used up.

    Hours after India’s Grand Old Party imposed an angry loss party in the general down south, the Pradesh Congress Committee PCI said: “One leader who fought against anger, hatred and tears. One leader who marched our democracy right from the front. One leader who brought light and hope back. Thank you for being you Rahul Gandhi ji. ”



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