Rahul Gandhi’s Controversial Speech in the Lok Sabha

    Rahul Gandhi's speech in the Lok Sabha, perceived as anti-Hindu, caused a stir with reactions from PM Modi and Amit Shah, highlighting deep political divides.

    Opposition Leader in the Lok Sabha Rahul Gandhi took part in the ongoing discussion on Monday’s President’s address. At this, he delivered a powerful speech. But there was a section of his speech that caused a ruckus in the Lok Sabha. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah had to step in when he made a comment against Hindus. The Leader of the Opposition was labeled as anti-Hindu by the ruling party, which also demanded an apology.

    In the Lok Sabha, what was said by Rahul Gandhi?

    Rahul Gandhi displayed a photograph of Lord Shiva in the House to start his statement. He declared that Lord Shiva was our sanctuary. This aided us in combating such folks. After Rahul revealed that Shivaji had consumed poison and turned into Neelkanth, we discovered the truth and consumed numerous poisons. In actuality, Rahul was alluding to the political assaults on him. He also spoke of being stripped of his Parliamentary membership.

    During his statement in the Lok Sabha, Leader of the Opposition Rahul Gandhi displayed a picture of Lord Shiva.

    Rahul angrily attacked the BJP and RSS during this time. He said that the Prophet Muhammad said that God is with us and that we should not be terrified, according to Islamic tradition. He claimed that the same message is found in Sikhism’s Guru Nanak Ji. Rahul displayed the image of Lord Shiva and remarked, “Be afraid, but do not be afraid.” Shiva, he continued, delivers this message, but people identifying as Hindus talk about violence all day long. The BJP and you are not Hindus.

    Rahul’s statement causes a commotion from the ruling party

    This Rahul statement caused a stir among the ruling party. It is derogatory to refer to all of Hindu society as aggressive, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared as he rose up in the House. According to the BJP, it’s equivalent to labeling all of Hindu society as aggressive.

    Some political observers are analyzing Rahul’s statement at the incorrect moment. They claim that there are a lot of other important topics that may be discussed in the Parliament right now. Among these, the NEET problem is a major one. Concerns regarding the NEET exam paper leak are being voiced. The CBI is even being tasked by the government to look into this exam. The future of thousands of students nationwide is connected to this issue. They are demonstrating against it as well. Raul Gandhi and the Congress may find it self-serving to sidestep the NEET controversy in favor of discussing Hindus at this point. Amit Shah, the home minister, interjected during a Lok Sabha meeting.

    It’s not like Rahul didn’t bring up the NEET or paper leak issues in the House. You have turned a professional scheme into a commercial scheme, he remarked. Since the entire application process is designed for wealthy kids, the impoverished cannot attend medical colleges. The commercial papers you have produced have leaked 70 times in 7 years, despite the fact that thousands of crores of rupees are being made. The President’s speech will not touch on Agniveer or the paper leak. We insisted on having a one-day discussion, but the government stated it was not possible.

    As per the government, Rahul was attacked.

    The Hindutva-supporting BJP has begun to publicize Rahul’s remarks on Hindus. Rahul’s statement was met with opposition by PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in the House, but some ministers took charge outside of the chamber. In a news conference, Ministers of Parliamentary Affairs Kiren Rijiju and Railways Ashwini Vaishnav declared that Rahul Gandhi’s statement had offended the whole Hindu community. According to Vaishnav, P Chidambaram, the home minister at the time, referred to Hindus as terrorists in 2010. Then-Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde referred to Hindus as terrorists once more in 2013, while Rahul himself stated in 2021 that Hindutvawadis have to be expelled from the nation. Rahul Gandhi referred to the Hindu community as a whole as violent and dishonest today.

    Who gave Rahul Gandhi support?

    On this matter, though, Rahul Gandhi appears to have the backing of the opposition parties and the Congress party. Priyanka Gandhi, the general secretary of the Congress and Rahul’s sister, commented on the speech, saying, “Hindus cannot be insulted.” Rahul Gandhi has made his point quite clearly and has discussed the BJP and its leaders.

    At a time when many states are holding assembly seats this year and three states are holding by-elections, Rahul Gandhi made this assertion. In a scenario like this, the Hindutva-supporting BJP could raise concerns about Rahul’s remarks. However, Rahul’s statement could cause problems for the Congress, which is eager for the Lok Sabha elections.



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