The Fascinating and Expensive Stag Beetle

    Discover the stag beetle, one of the priciest insects valued at Rs 75 lakh. Learn about its unique features, lifespan, habitat, and cultural significance.

    You’ve probably seen a variety of insects, but have you ever heard of one that is valued at Rs 75 lakh? Let us inform you that this insect is a stag beetle, which is among the priciest insects on the planet. Let us now explain what features the stag beetle has that set it apart. One of the rarest creatures on the planet is the stag beetle. It is believed that the stag beetle is a lucky charm. Some individuals believe you can get wealthy overnight by keeping a stag beetle.

    Lifespan and Size of Stag Beetle

    The stag beetle is among the priciest insects. It can be recognized mostly by the horns that protrude from its glossy, black head. These insects have an average life span of 3–7 years and weigh between 2 and 6 grams. Insects are 35-75 mm long in the male species and 30-50 mm long in the female species.

    A study published in Scientific Data states that stag beetles are recognized for their larger mandibles and constitute significant saproxylic assemblages in forest ecosystems.

    Cultural Significance and Medicinal Uses

    These worms typically live for three to seven years and weigh between two and six grams. Female worms measure 30 to 50 mm long, whereas male worms measure 35 to 75 mm. They are employed in medicine as well.

    The unique mandibles on the beetle are the source of the term “stag beetle.” Stag beetles are susceptible to cold temperatures and do best in warm, tropical climates. Although they are present in traditional gardens, hedgerows, and urban spaces like parks and gardens, they are found in woodlands by nature.

    Diet and Feeding Habits of Stag Beetle

    Stag beetles consume sweet liquids, such as fruit rotten juices, and tree sap. The larvae of stag beetles consume dead wood, scraping and ripping bits off the fibrous surface with their sharp jaws. Live trees and bushes are not threatened by stag beetles.


    One of the world’s most fascinating and uncommon insects is the stag beetle, with its unusual mandibles and high value. It is fascinating and inspiring due to its function in ecosystems, cultural beliefs, and possible medical applications.



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