Nancy Tyagi Shines at Cannes with Stunning Self-Tailored Ensembles, Dazzling Critics and Fashion Enthusiasts Alike

    Nancy Tyagi simply left everyone speechless with her look of the evening; donning a lilac shiny saree that the designer admitted to having either ‘meticulously handcrafted or sewn’.

    Fashion enthusiasts have been left astounded by social media influencer Nancy Tyagi’s well-selected garments that she has been designing herself. At such tender age of 23, her talent has provided her the opportunity to attend one of the most popular film and fashion event of 77th Cannes Film Festival.

    As the twinkle-toed fashion enthusiasts are still in awe of the official first red-carpet outfit which consisted of mermaid silhouette business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back ruffled gown, Nancy has stolen their hearts again with the second stint. She spiced up the saree, a traditional outfit of Indian women by infusing it with a touch of the contemporary by designing the upper garment in a manner that it forms a hood.


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    Nancy Tyagi simply left everyone speechless with her look of the evening; donning a lilac shiny saree that the designer admitted to having either ‘meticulously handcrafted or sewn’. She wore a ‘chaniya choli’ – an exquisite piece of traditional Indian attire for women which was lavishly decorated by handwork embroidery on sequins fabric was splendid.

    The Fashion Trail

    More silver stars glitters in the pretty floral decoration peppered on the silk soft lavender background. While her styling screamed modern-retro with her bangs curled and styled to perfection, it was the extremely large hooded drape thrown dramatically over her head that stole the show.

    She paired her fabulous creation with a longer trail, a cascading pallu that had was hinged casually across her shoulder line. Tying the saree-torial wonder up with a matching full-sleeved blouse that has backless detail, Nancy accessorized it with similar elements. When Nancy was dancing at the French Rivera, young girls could not look anything other than resembling a movie star.


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    For makeup, she did not shy away from the intensity much to the chagrin of her friends who would wince when she put on thick layers of foundation making her skin look cakey. Pink cheeks together with highlighter added the perfect glow and the shade that defined her cheekbones and contours enhanced her beautiful face.

    The parting lip color that was brown, mascara-laden extended eyelashes, purple shimmering look on the lids, and well-defined eyebrows enhanced her beauty. In conclusion, the following was also seen on Nancy as she completed her OOTD; her hair was tied in a very tight pony.

    The blush pink ball gown is one of the many incredible pieces that Nancy Tyagi showcased as the lady presented her first appearance at Cannes. The outfit was a strapless dress which had sequin work done on it with the material flowing all the way down the floor and extending towards the back to form trains. Pleated ruffles were the main theme running down the whole body part with the optimal combination of tulle fabric turning everything magical. Looking at Nancy, one knew that she was a true queen of the Bridgerton era with the jacket. She complemented her OOTD with elegant opera gloves that looked sheer. The only piece of jewellery that she adorned herself with was a glittering diamond necklace because Nancy ensured that the gorgeous dress she wore did all the talking. Fluttering eyelashes and soft red painted lips rimmed up along the cheeks were accentuated by rosy glam makeup strokes and wavy tresses with the best length.




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