Terror Attack in Jammu: Ongoing Encounter Leaves 6 Security Personnel Injured

    Terrorists stormed an army post in Jammu's Doda, injuring six security personnel. The ongoing encounter follows recent attacks in Kathua and Reasi.

    Srinagar: After terrorists stormed an army post late last night, there is currently a confrontation between security personnel and Terror Attack in Jammu and Kashmir’s Doda, according to police. During the gunfight, a special police officer (SPO) and five troops were hurt.

    Terror Attack in Jammu

    This is the third such event in three days in Jammu, following terrorist attacks in Kathua that resulted in a civilian being injured and in Reasi that killed nine pilgrims on a bus.

    Anand Jain, the Additional Director General of Police for the Jammu zone, who is in charge of overseeing the counterterrorism operation, also stated that a terrorist was eliminated during an encounter in Kathua last night.

    Regarding the Doda incident, he stated that late last night, militants opened fire on police and the Rashtriya Rifles combined team at an army base in the Chattargala area. According to him, there is a conflict going on between the security forces and the terrorists in the upper regions.

    Since many of these attacks have been reported from locations that are thought to be terrorist-free, Jammu has been on the radar for terrorism.

    According to the police, one of the two terrorists who participated in the attack in Kathua yesterday night has been killed. Drones are currently being used by security personnel in Kathua’s Hiranagar area to search for the second one.

    The villagers were suspicious of the terrorists after they had begged for water from multiple homes, and the police claimed that the people reacted angrily by opening fire. Mr. Jain explained that one person was hurt in the firing and refuted rumors that three individuals perished in the Terror Attack in Jammu Kathua.

    Rumor has it that three people have died and numerous others are hurt. However, he noted that there had only been one civilian casualty and that any further reports of hostages being held or of deaths were rumors.

    Additionally, he alluded to Pakistan without mentioning it when he described the attack in Kathua as a “new infiltration.”

    “Our antagonistic neighbor is the one that consistently attempts to undermine the tranquil atmosphere within our nation. “It seems like a recent infiltration is behind this (the Hiranagar terror attack),” he stated.

    A bus traveling to the Shiv Khori cave shrine in Reasi was attacked two days prior. The bus driver refused to let the people off, lost control, and plunged into the canyon, according to the manager of the bus company, at which point the terrorists started fire. 33 individuals were hurt and nine people died in the tragedy. According to officials, Abu Hamza, the chief of Lashkar-e-Taiba, gave the order for the attack.



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