Rahul Gandhi’s ₹8500 Promise Sparks Muslim Women Protest at Congress Office in Lucknow

    Muslim women in Lucknow protested at the Congress office, demanding forms to claim ₹8500 promised by Rahul Gandhi under his guarantee card, sparking widespread discussion.

    Lucknow Muslim Woman with Rahul Gandhi Guarantee Card: Muslim women in Lucknow protested fiercely at the Congress office. Women reached the Congress office and protested. During this, the protesting women started demanding a from the Congress office to get money under the guarantee card. Now the discussion on this has intensified.

    After the completion of the Lok Sabha election process in Uttar Pradesh, things have started changing. To turn the election atmosphere in UP in their favor, the Congress and Samajwadi Party tried to unite the backward Dalit minority. PDA politics kept the minorities united. At the same time, OBC and the Dalit community were associated with the India Alliance. They had success on a large scale in this. The opposition alliance won 43 out of 80 seats in UP. Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi adopted a big strategy to woo the minority community the most.

    They got the Congress guarantee card delivered in all the areas. In the Congress guarantee card, it was announced that women would be given 8500 rupees per month and 1 lakh rupees annually after victory. After the election process is over, a group of Muslim women is now reaching the Congress office in Lucknow. Actually, Rahul Gandhi had claimed in election rallies that women would get 8500 rupees on 5 June after victory.

    Long queue at the Congress office in Lucknow.

    Demand is being made for giving 8500 rupees monthly and 1 lakh rupees annually at the Congress office in Lucknow. Women say that Congress has given a guarantee card. In this, a promise of getting 8500 rupees after victory has been made. It was said that the money would come into the account on 5 June. But, when the money did not come, the women reached the Congress office. They had come to find out how this money would come into their account. The officials at the Congress office were saying nothing about this. Women looked upset over this.

    What was promised to women?

    The guarantee card distributed by Congress among voters claimed that under Yuva Nyay, one lakh rupees salary would be given. The first job of every educated youth will be permanent. Under Nari Nyay, one lakh rupees will be given to every poor woman every year. Apart from this, loan waiver was talked about under Kisan Nyay, 400 rupees per day wages under Shramik Nyay, and caste census under Bhagaati Nyay. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made a big claim in the election rallies of UP. He talked about giving one lakh rupees to women.

    Long line at the Congress office

    Hundreds of women stood in line at the Congress office in Lucknow. Most of them were wearing burqas. This was a line to fulfill the election promise made after voting. The biggest reason for the long line at the Congress office is the demand to fulfill Rahul Gandhi’s election promise of one lakh. Rahul Gandhi had said that as soon as the government is formed, one lakh rupees will come immediately. Now the demand to fulfill that promise has started.

    What are women saying?


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    A woman who reached the Congress office said that she had come to get money. She was told that she would be given Rs. 8500 per month. A burqa-clad woman who came to the Congress office on Wednesday said that she had been there since morning. It is afternoon now, but she has not been told anything yet. Another woman said that Rahul Gandhi had told her that she would get Rs. 8000-8500. That is why she has come to get the money. Sometimes she is told to come at 4 o’clock. Sometimes she is told to come at 12 o’clock. She is not getting the form. It will be fine if she gets it. The government will give whatever it has to give.

    The woman gave important information

    The woman who came from Lucknow said that she had received a form. She has to fill in all the details in it. She was given this form by Lata ji who works in the Congress office. The woman said that she received the card on Wednesday morning. The woman said that she was told to fill out the form and submit it in the office. After this, a message will come on her mobile. She was given the form in the morning. Now she has come here to submit it but there is no one there. Now she is going back.



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