Strengthening Ties: PM Modi’s Historic Visit to Austria

    Prime Minister Modi's historic visit to Austria marks a step in strengthening ties. PM Modi and Chancellor Karl Nehammer discussed future collaborations.

    The partnership between Austria and India is strengthening, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is confident that it will do so over time. The PM said this in a private meeting with Chancellor Karl Nehammer of Austria before to their formal talks on Wednesday, which were intended to maximize the potential of their bilateral partnership.

    Historic Visit

    For his two-day tour, Modi left Moscow on Tuesday evening, the first visit by an Indian prime minister in more than four decades. Alexander Schallenberg, the foreign minister of Austria, met him when he arrived at the airport.

    The meeting between Austrian Chancellor @karlnehammer and Prime Minister @narendramodi represents a critical turning point in the relationship between Austria and India, according to MEA Spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal on X. This first meeting lays the groundwork for future conversations that will focus on realizing the full potential of our mutually beneficial relationship.

    Warm Reception

    After arriving, PM Modi went to a luncheon with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, where he was greeted with enthusiasm by Indian expatriates. Karl Nehammer took to X and expressed his “honor” and “pleasure” at PM Modi’s coming to Vienna, as well as his excitement for their planned talks on political and economic issues. He posted a selfie with PM Modi on X along with these thoughts. In reply, Prime Minister Modi thanked Nehammer and underlined the continued partnership between Austria and India.

    “Chancellor @karlnehammer, thank you for the cordial greeting. I’m excited about our conversations for tomorrow as well. Modi said on X, “Our nations will keep cooperating to advance global good,” along with multiple images from their meeting.


    An important turning point in the history of ties between Austria and India has been reached by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit there. The talks and meetings with Chancellor Karl Nehammer demonstrate how committed both countries are to enhancing their bilateral relationship. The positive response and fervent participation from both parties point to a bright future filled with strategic alliances designed to benefit both parties. This visit lays a solid basis for furthering global good and exploring new avenues for their collaboration as the two nations continue to work together.



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