Understanding Havana Syndrome: The Enigmatic Illness Tied to Russia’s Intelligence Unit – Symptoms Demystified

    The US government has claimed that Russia’s sonic weapons may have targeted some of its diplomats stationed throughout the world. These diplomats were afflicted with “Havana Syndrome” and experiencing strange symptoms like disorientation.

    A year prior, US officials had determined that “anomalous health incidents” (AHIs) involving diplomatic employees in China, Cuba, and various sites throughout Europe could not be attributed to a foreign opponent or energy weapon.

    The Insider, Der Spiegel, and CBS’s 60-Minutes have jointly reported new evidence. This evidence suggests that Unit 29155 of the Russian GRU likely used sonic weapons. These weapons are the probable cause of Havana Syndrome.

    The Kremlin has dismissed the report. Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesperson, stated in a news conference that the press has discussed this topic for many years. He noted that the discussions often link the topic to the Russian side. Peskov mentioned that no one has published convincing evidence. He concluded that the accusations are groundless and unfounded, as reported by Time.

    What is Havana Syndrome?

    In 2021, a joint report revealed that an FBI official, known as Carrie, suffered from symptoms of the Havana Syndrome. This occurred during her investigation of a suspected Russian spy in the US. While at home in Florida doing laundry, Carrie reportedly experienced a “crippling force” associated with the syndrome.

    Carrie described her experience on CBS’s 60 Minutes show. She said a sound pierced her ears and entered her left side. It felt as if it came through the window into her left ear. She immediately felt a fullness in her head and a piercing headache. Realizing she needed to leave the laundry room, she exited. Then, she went into the bedroom next door and projectile vomited in the bathroom.

    Russian military intelligence operations have been attributed to the attempted poisoning of defector Sergei Skripal in the UK in 2018. reports that some people experience the syndrome briefly, while others suffer from chronic symptoms. The causes of the syndrome are still unknown.

    Studies by the National Institute of Health suggest that the symptoms might result from pre-existing conditions, conventional illnesses, and environmental factors. There is no consistent evidence of brain injury.

    Reported Cases Worldwide

    An Insider report suggests that the first cases may have taken place in Germany two years earlier than those reported in Cuba in 2016.

    During a 2023 Nato Summit in Vilnius, an unnamed senior defense department official experienced Havana Syndrome. A Pentagon spokesperson, Sabrina Singh, confirmed this to the media.

    What is the US Saying?

    Even though the US is investigating the causes, five intelligence agencies ruled out links of Havana Syndrome to Russia in 2023.

    Greg Edgreen, a former US defence department investigator, told CBS that he identified a common link between victims of Havana Syndrome. He referred to it as the “Russia nexus.”

    In 2022, the US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, stated that they are working overtime across the entire government. They aim to get to the bottom of what happened and identify who’s responsible. Additionally, they are ensuring to care for anyone affected and protect all their people to the best of their ability. Further cases were reported in Paris and Geneva, prompting this response.

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