Samosa Sabotage in Pune Canteen: Revenge Plot Unearthed

    Employees at a major automobile company in Pune were left disgusted after discovering an appalling act of food tampering. On March 27, several employees found stones, gutkha, and condoms in samosa served at the office canteen. Investigations by police have since revealed a twisted revenge plot as the motive behind the contamination, leading to the booking of five individuals.

    Devious Scheme to Tarnish Reputation:

    The investigation uncovered that two of the accused were actually workers employed by Manohar Enterprises, the subcontractor tasked with supplying samosas to the canteen. However, the real masterminds behind the scheme were three partners from a different subcontracting firm, SRA Enterprises.

    Previous Contract Revoked:

    SRA Enterprises previously held the contract to supply snacks to the automobile company’s canteen. However, their contract was terminated after a customer found a disturbing item – a bandage – in their food. Seething with anger over the lost contract, the three SRA partners hatched a plan to sabotage the new supplier, Manohar Enterprises.

    Planting Infiltrators:

    In a calculated move, the three SRA partners allegedly placed their own workers within Manohar Enterprises. These unsuspecting workers then tampered with the samosas, deliberately introducing harmful and unsanitary objects into the food. The goal of this malicious act was to damage the reputation of Manohar Enterprises and potentially force them out of the contract.

    Police Action Over Condoms in Samosa:

    Following a thorough investigation, police have booked all five individuals involved in the scheme. The two workers who directly tampered with the food, along with the three partners who orchestrated the plot, now face legal consequences for their actions.

    Food Safety Concerns Raised:

    This incident has understandably raised concerns about food safety standards in workplace canteens. Authorities are likely to increase scrutiny of food suppliers and implement stricter regulations to prevent similar occurrences in the future.



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