India Rescues Citizens Trapped in Cambodian Cyber Scams

    The Indian government has successfully rescued 250 citizens who were ensnared in online scams in Cambodia, according to statements from India’s foreign ministry.

    Forced into Cyber Fraud

    These individuals were promised employment but were instead coerced into undertaking illegal cyber activities, stated India’s foreign ministry.

    Widespread Online Scams In Cambodia

    Recent reports reveal that over 5,000 Indians stranded in Cambodia were compelled to operate cyber-fraud schemes. This highlights the pervasive nature of job scams orchestrated by human traffickers in Southeast Asia.

    Victims of Online Deception

    Most of the victims targeted by these scams are young and tech-savvy individuals. They are enticed with promises of employment but end up engaged in illegal online activities such as money laundering, cryptocurrency fraud, and romance scams, where they impersonate lovers online.

    UN Report Highlights Scale of Exploitation

    A United Nations report from August 2023 disclosed that approximately 120,000 individuals in Myanmar and another 100,000 in Cambodia were coerced into participating in cyber-fraud operations.

    Ongoing Rescue Efforts

    This latest rescue mission in Cambodia is part of a series of operations aimed at liberating victims of such fraudulent schemes across Southeast Asia. In March, authorities in the Philippines dismantled a scam center where hundreds were forced to engage in online romance scams.

    India’s Response

    India’s foreign ministry spokesperson, Randhir Jaiswal, affirmed that the country is collaborating closely with Cambodian authorities to apprehend those responsible for orchestrating these fraudulent activities. India has already rescued 75 individuals in the past three months, with ongoing efforts to rescue others.

    Plight of Victims

    Reports from the Indian Express shed light on the plight of Indian citizens trapped in Cambodia. Complaints ranged from being held against their will to being coerced into participating in fraudulent activities, including scams targeting individuals in India.

    Financial Losses and Recruitment

    Victims in India reported losses totaling at least 5 billion rupees over the past six months due to these scams. Many were recruited under false pretenses, like Stephen, who was promised a data entry job in Cambodia. They ended up being coerced into creating fake social media accounts for fraudulent activities.


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