Vastu for Children’s Room: Creating a Nurturing Environment for Growth

    Helping children acquire new knowledge, engage in various kinds of play, and develop a proper sense of ethics is essential.

    Early childhood is one of the brightest periods in one’s life, and each child should be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Helping children acquire new knowledge, engage in various kinds of play, and develop a proper sense of ethics is essential. To make your child a successful and dignified person, follow the Vastu principles properly while designing the children’s room.

    Have you ever witnessed children who have every comfort but are not content or obey their parents? This negative attitude might be due to some defects associated with Vastu in their room. Children are especially sensitive to the environment and Vastu has a significant influence over them. Unlike adults, children cannot afford to ‘turn a blind eye’ to negativity in that they become stubborn and naughty. None of the parents wishes his or her child to be naughty; therefore arranging the room in relation to Vastu Shastra can make them jovial and industrious.

    Vastu Tips for Children’s Room

    Here are some important aspects of Vastu to follow for the development and happiness of the child. For additional advice on the proper placement of furniture and other items for a child’s growth and well-being, it is advisable to refer to a professional practitioner in Vastu.

    1. Location: The West direction is best suited for a children’s bedroom. It can foster attributes such as being on time and following rules or regulations.

    2. Entrance: The entry door should not face the bed to ward off negative energies affecting the child.

    3. Bed Position: The bed should be placed in the SW quadrant of the house and the child should sleep with the head in the South or in the East for better sleep.

    4. Bed Material: It is recommended to use wooden beds rather than metal ones to avoid attracting bad energy.

    5. Study Table Placement: It is advised to place the study table towards the North, East or North-East direction for better intelligence and focus. Minimize distractions so as to enhance your concentration.

    6. Lighting: Hang lights in the Southeast direction. To overcome eye strain problems, make use of quality lighting.

    7. Cabinet Placement: Store the books, toys, and clothes in the South-West using the cabinets.

    8. Colors: Shades of blue and green should be used to bring a fresh, calm, and positive outlook to the interior.

    9. Electronic Items: In order to reduce the negative impacts it is recommended to place computers, playstations, and laptops in the North while placing televisions in the Southeast.

    10. Avoid Mirrors: Reflections may bring negative energy and therefore mirrors should not be placed in the children’s room.

    Parents today are much more concerned for their children and do all they can to ensure that their children become better people. Environmental factors are important in molding a child’s behavior and character. Thus, they should use Vastu principles to design their rooms in order to create positive energy.



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