Vastu for Home Extensions and Renovations: Ensuring Continuity and Balance

    Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian architectural science that focuses on the positive effect of the direction and location of objects and forces in a building on the well-being and wealth of people.

    It is therefore important that home extensions and renovations are designed in a manner that reflects the principles of Vastu Shastra. Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian architectural science that focuses on the positive effect of the direction and location of objects and forces in a building on the well-being and wealth of people. While building or remodeling your house it is very important that you should follow the principles of Vastu so that there is no break in energy in the house.

    Vastu for Home

    Key Considerations for Home Extensions

    1. Direction and Placement:

    One of the first decisions that should be made when thinking about an extension is whether it should be added to one side or another. As per Vastu, every direction has a certain impact on different aspects of life. For instance, extending towards the northeast is favorable as it increases spiritual progress and wealth. On the other hand extensions towards the southwest should be discouraged since they can affect stability and health.

    2. Consistent Design Elements:

    Ensure that there is continuity of certain design features like the floor, ceiling height, and color schemes. The flow of energy requires a smooth transition between the old and new sections of the house. Some inconsistencies in design can cause energy blockages which lead to discomfort and disharmony.

    Vastu principles are based on balancing the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Take care that the extension does not upset this balance. For instance, installing more water bodies such as fountains or ponds in the northeast corner and not erecting heavy structures at the center of the house can assist in preserving the balance.

    Vastu Tips for Renovations

    1. Structural Changes:

    During remodeling do not make any major changes to the southwest corner as it is the zone of support and stability. Rather, concentrate on upgrading areas such as the kitchen and living room which relate to family life and health.

    2. Room Reconfiguration:

    If changing the layout of rooms then ensure that bedrooms are not in the southwest/northwest, kitchens in the southeast, and living rooms in the northeast/north. These placements are based on Vastu and are related to health, togetherness, and wealth creation.

    3. Energy Flow:

    Energy flows should be considered when refurbishing. Make sure that doors and windows are situated in such a way that natural light and fresh air penetrate the premises to create a positive atmosphere. Do not fill spaces as this can cause stagnation in the flow of energy.

    Applying Vastu while conducting home extensions and renovations is important as it helps to maintain the visual and practical flow of the rooms and provides balance to the space. The direction, design coherence, and elements used in home design all play an important role in bringing health and wealth into people’s lives and creating a positive feng shui for a home.



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