Review of ‘Maidaan’ Film: Ajay Devgn Shoots for Sporting Excellence

    Maidaan Review: Ajay Devgn Portrays Syed Abdul Rahim with Genuine Sincerity, Infusing a Dash of Swagger. His Diverse Team Evokes a Nostalgic Melancholy.”


    “Raising a child requires community support, just as forming a winning team to compete internationally demands the collective effort of an entire nation.”

    The compelling saga of Syed Abdul Rahim, the visionary football coach and manager responsible for India’s triumphs in the 1951 and 1962 Asian Games, forms the heart of ‘Maidaan’.”

    Ajay Devgn fully embodies the chain-smoking Rahim, as the film aims to highlight India’s football dominance in Asia—a forgotten era. It also depicts how football inspired youth in the newly independent nation without romanticizing it.

    The film impresses with its dynamic sports scenes, enhanced by A.R. Rahman’s captivating music. Cinematographer Andrey Valantsov skillfully portrays the players’ passion and determination, drawing viewers into the game’s excitement. Editor Shahnawaz Mosani’s sharp cuts offer clarity to Rahim’s strategies and on-field action, ensuring each moment is clear and engaging.

    The film explores Rahim’s tactics, like converting Jarnail Singh to a striker, and showcases the resilience of injured goalkeeper Peter Thangaraj.

    The Movie Concept

    While some musical moments enhance the drama, others feel exaggerated, causing the three-hour film to drag and overpower the action.

    In the 1962 Asian Games final, Rahim (Ajay Devgn) inspires team unity. The cast and crew, led by director Amit Ravindernath Sharma and cinematographer Tushar Kanti Ray, deliver an experience akin to FIFA finales. Notably, sports directors Fyodor Lyass, Tassaduq Hussain, and Christopher Reed expertly capture the match’s intensity.

    The narrative impressively encapsulates the era, the football team, and Rahim’s personal struggles without losing its storytelling momentum. Audiences will remain captivated, cheering and moved by the film from start to finish.

    Ajay Devgn shines as Rahim, exuding a quiet yet dignified presence. Priyamani impresses as his wife Saira, while Gajraj Rao delivers a standout performance as the cunning journalist. The entire cast, including Chaitanya Sharma, Amartya Ray, and Davinder Singh, resembles the real-life legends convincingly.

    More background on the diverse team members and less repetitive scenes in the federation office would have enriched the film. Additionally, a deeper exploration of how Rahim Sa’ab built the team from scratch would have been beneficial.

    ‘Maidaan’ is a must-watch on the big screen for its thrilling experience and exceptional storytelling. It embodies the movie’s dialogue, “Kismat haathon se nahi, paeron se likhi jaati hai,” as the team delivers a stellar performance!



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