Vidyut Jammwal Exposes Film Critic’s Bribe Request, Provides Evidence

    Actor Vidyut Jammwal, known for his roles in movies like ‘Thuppakki’ and ‘Shakti‘, started as a villain in Bollywood but later became a hero.

    Vidyut Jammwal’s movie ‘Crack – Jitega To Jiga’

    In a post on X, the Crack actor wrote “Asking for a bribe is wrong, and so is giving one! I didn’t give in to Sumit Kadel’s demand and now that he praises someone,we see who’s behind it. Vidyut also shared a screenshot showing that Sumit Kadel had blocked him on X.

    Fans are leaving critical comments about Sumit Kadel on Vidyut Jammwal’s post, calling him names like “Samosa Critic-Pad Reviewer” and “Pad Critic.” At the same time, one user is praising Vidyut for raising awareness about the film critic’s actions.

    A cryptic message suggesting the potential downfall of arrogance and highlighting the humility of certain “Khandani” stars was shared by Sumit Kadel. An encounter with an outsider displaying rude behavior was indirectly referenced, indicating possible challenges in working with top celebrities.

    Sumit Kadel responded to Vidyut Jammwal’s allegation with a cryptic post on X, indirectly targeting Vidyut by addressing individuals who aren’t superstars but see themselves as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

    The film critic further stated, “Almost every lead actor of the industry has been met by me, and all of them were very lovely. He is the only madman I have ever encountered. People in the industry are urged not to disparage anyone in the comment section.”


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