PCOD: Origins, Symptoms, and Remedies

    Polycystic Ovarian Disease arises from a hormonal imbalance in women. Ovulation, the release of an egg from the ovary during the menstrual cycle, is essential. Ovaries naturally produce a small quantity of male reproductive hormones, known as androgens. In PCOD, the hormonal imbalance prompts an excess production of male hormones, causing menstrual delays and ovarian cyst development. This condition can also induce complete ovulation failure, resulting in female infertility.

    What causes PCOS or PCOD?


    While the exact causes of PCOS remain uncertain, contributing factors include:

    Excessive androgen production by the ovaries can result in hirsutism and acne.
    Increased insulin production occurs when cells become resistant to insulin’s action, leading to elevated blood sugar levels.
    Consequently, the body produces excess insulin to manage this rise in blood sugar.
    This excess insulin production, in turn, stimulates the overproduction of androgens, typically low in females, leading to ovulation difficulties.

    Low-grade inflammation present in women with PCOS can stimulate the production of androgens by the polycystic ovaries.


    Indications of polycystic ovary syndrome can differ from person to person. These indications may evolve over time and often occur without a clear trigger.

    People with PCOS are more likely to have other health conditions including:


    PCOS may contribute to anxiety, depression, and a negative self-image. Symptoms like infertility, obesity, and excessive hair growth can result in social stigmatization, impacting various aspects of life such as family dynamics, relationships, career, and community engagement.

    Therapeutic Approaches for PCOD

    No singular medication exists for treating PCOD. However, lifestyle and dietary adjustments can aid in its management. Below are some methods to effectively manage PCOD

    Management of PCOS

    PCOS Treatment

    Seek medical advice if experiencing irregular periods, fertility issues, or excessive acne/hair growth.

    Lifestyle changes like a healthy diet and exercise can aid in weight loss and reduce diabetes risk.

    Birth control pills regulate menstrual cycles and alleviate symptoms. Other medications target acne or unwanted hair growth.

    Infertility treatment options include lifestyle adjustments, medications, or surgery to induce ovulation. In-vitro fertilization (IVF) may be considered, with associated risks.


    Things to Do

    • Consume nutritious meals
    • Ensure adequate rest
    • Engage in regular exercise, yoga, or physical activity
    • Maintain a healthy weight
    • Adhere to medication schedules

    Things to Avoid

    • Avoid consumption of refined flour and junk foods
    • Avoid smoking
    • Do not consume alcohol or beverages containing alcohol.
    • Avoid excessive stress
    • Do not overlook irregularities in the menstrual cycle.

    Crucial Nutritional Needs for PCOD

    Vitamin B6 is essential for hormone balance and plays a pivotal role in managing PCOD. It can be sourced from almonds, wild rice, milk, yogurt, eggs, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and soybeans.

    Vitamins B2, B3, B5, and B6 are beneficial for weight management. They can be obtained from yeast, red meat, milk, eggs, beans, and green vegetables.

    Vitamin B5 aids in regulating fat metabolism and supports weight loss. It can be found in avocados, yogurt, eggs, meat, and legumes.

    Vitamins B6, B2, and B3 are essential for producing thyroid hormones. They can be sourced from chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, lentils, sunflower seeds, cheese, brown rice, and carrots.

    By adhering to the tips outlined above, managing PCOD can become more manageable and reduce its impact.


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