Lok Sabha Election Results: BJP-led NDA Attains Majority, Set to Forming Government

    The prime minister of India Narendra Modi pledged to carry on serving as the head of the government even if his party failed to win a clear majority in the parliament.

    The prime minister of India Narendra Modi pledged to carry on serving as the head of the government even if his party failed to win a clear majority in the parliament. The main opposition, the Bharatiya Janata Party failed to secure 272 seats required for forming the government on their own but will be able to rely on support from its partners.

    Top Highlights from the Lok Sabha Poll Results

    • Total constituencies with results declared: 542 out of 543
    • BJP seats won: 240
    • Congress seats won: 99
    • BJP’s majority mark requirement
    • Fell short of 272; needs NDA allies’ support
    • BJP seats in 2019: 303
    • BJP seats in 2014: 282
    • TDP seats (key NDA ally): 16
    • JD(U) seats (key NDA ally): 12
    • Congress seats in 2019: 52
    • Congress gains: Significant gains in Rajasthan and Haryana
    • Samajwadi Party seats in Uttar Pradesh: 37
    • TMC seats in West Bengal: 29
    • BJP seats in West Bengal: 12 (down from 18 in 2019)
    • Overall results: Did not meet BJP-led NDA’s expectations or exit poll projections

    The result is a shocking defeat for Mr Modi, who, before this election, had stated that his party and its partners would claim over two-thirds of all parliamentary seats. The opposition led by the Indian National Congress was projected to be a dismal election campaign but managed to garner more votes than anticipated with a message of the frustrated voter in the India story.

    As many as 543 seats in the lower house of the Indian Parliament, commonly referred to as the Lok Sabha, were up for grabs in the election. The leader of the party or the coalition that captures more than 50% of parliamentary seats becomes the prime minister. Still, Modi raised the bar for the BJP-led NDA coalition before the vote, publicly forecasting that his party would clinch over 400 seats in the House of Parliament compared to about 350 before the 2019 election.

    To unseat Modi, over 20 opposition parties which comprise the majority of India’s political heavyweights including the Indian National Congress party, which had dominated the Indian political landscape before Modi ascended to power, coalesced. It had endeavored to gain the support of the electorate by concentrating on matters such as unemployment and the upsurge in living standards.

     As the graph illustrates, the particular form of support for Modi shifted over the course of the year open source software debate successfully adaptable.

    Raw vote: percentage difference in the absolute vote of the leading BJP coalition party in each constituency between 2019 and 2024

    Changing Fortunes

    The BJP’s gradual ascent took its genesis from as early as the 1984 general elections when it secured only two parliament members. It began to reign in Indian politics through its first politics of Hindutva which suits the largest religion of the country and the booming economy.

     Similarly, the Congress party’s rule over India, which was relatively long compared to the other parties after independence, saw a decline more specifically from 2009 due to corruption, the decline in leadership, and what the voting public must have deemed as a lack of ideas for the future.

    The BJP and its allies lose in 2024 in what many analysts consider a major blow forcing Modi to depend on a coalition government for the first time since he took power nearly a decade earlier.



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